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  • Hub Fubar'd or slavageable ?
  • Hi folks,
    Neighbour has handed me a wheel yesterday with a “can you fix that?”, quick daignosis was the freehub’s stuffed so I said yes. Ordered a replacement.

    Today I strips the hub down The Freehub is goosed but some liberal application of WD40 reveals that it was the pawls that had seized (looks like the grease has dried out)so its working for now (does need replaced though).

    On closer inspection and dissasembly of the hub it looks like the cup on the opposite side (non drive side) of the hub has broken off.

    To my eyes this looks to have been be electro or friction welded onto the hub body originally and has broken off, turns out the neighbour gave it a “wee skelp with the hammer” to see if it would sort the freehub issue.

    Now given that the axle itself is threaded right through is it possible to lock the cup in place (albeit fiddly) with a couple of nuts or should I bite the bullet and replace the hub with all the hassle of lacing the wheel again that will entail?

    Don’t want to bin the rim and repalce the wheel as its in pristine nick and the bike (an early GT) is in above average condition and all original kit on it (STX RC Groupset) for age having been stored for yonks and hardly ridden prior to that so I would rather keep it original.

    I think this got lost in the nightime shenanigans.. so I’ll hand this question over to the STW Dayshift.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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