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  • Huawei HomeFi
  • samperry25

    I live in a new build estate and whilst it’s lovely and all that BT have monopolised the telephone and broadband exchange meaning until other companies lease there lines (or something like that?) I’m stuck with the bastards.

    They are giving it the hard sell on the phone. My broadband and TV now is fine as it is but they want me to have the mega hub plus with enough broadband to launch a space shuttle.

    Anyway with 3 mobile I can get a Huawei HomeFi for £21 a month and I’m thinking of giving it a go. Anyone got one or a similar version and are they any good?

    I’ve got BT calling back to try and improve on the awful deal they offered but I just want out now.


    I’d run a speedtest on your phone first to get an idea of the sort of speeds you’re likely to get.

    My dad has broadband through 3, streams Netflix in 4K and they never seem to complain about the data use.

    There’s a monthly fair usage limit on all 3 “unlimited” plans of 1 Terabyte which is quite amusing when you see other networks offering 40gb a month for the same cost.


    Anyone got one or a similar version and are they any good?

    We used it whilst in temporary accommodation. The box itself was fine. Where we were though the 4G 3G wasn’t great.

    The more devices you attached it appeared to slow down but again that could have been the 4G not the router


    I just had a look at my speed and to be fair to BT I’ve got nearly 5 times more speed with BT than I do on my normal signal and that’s right by the hub. Sounds like I’m stuck with them.


    What sort of phone line have you got? Even if it is a BT/Openreach line, you should be able to use another ISP.
    If it is FTTP, there aren’t many options. But there are a few other ISPs, eg Zen or A&A. Maybe not cheap.

    Premier Icon richardkennerley

    My old man gets <1mbps download with BT. Think I’ll get him onto this idea!! I know EE were doing something similar but that was £40+ pm not long ago.

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    Stick your details into Zen Internet’s checker. I think their cheapest deal is around the 30 quid a month mark, but they are a great company and it was worth it to get BT off my back (I was FTTP and no other providers were available)

    If you ring up BT, they’ll probably give you some spiel about losing your phone number if you switch. This is bollocks. You just cancel broadband separately to switching the landline…

    Oh, and Zen provide a decent router, unlike BT.

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    How about a 3 sim only plan, unlimited data for £20. Then use thethering as a mobile WiFi signal. I use a chromecast to a monitor, use Netflix, now tv and youtube. Depending on speed, sometimes can be a bit slow if signal drops. But I was fed up with virgin media and price hikes and could only get get 2mbps over phone line! Also three is launching 5g and all sim cards are enabled, no extra cost. Should be releasing a 5g router at some point

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