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  • brant

    How was it for you? I marshalled the Pond by the M62. Very cold.

    Apologies for prematurely telling people “this is your last lap” when it perhaps wasn’t.



    another well organised event and good course… singlespeed was spun out on that long flat bottom section and some of the mud forced a brisk walk but all round a good race..

    Someone kindly gave me an energy gel without me prompting and just as i was wishing that i had stuck one in my pocket… if they wanna email me i will return the favour and send them something good:)

    Bring on HTN 1.6 or even 2:)



    Brilliant – course was fantastic – loved every minute.
    And thanks for the encouragement brant – all the marshalls were great – thanks to everyone.

    (No.19 – White Anthem)

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    I’ll stick some pictures up when I can be bothered, at the moment I just want to cabbage in front of the TV and eat biscuits.


    >I just want to cabbage in front of the TV and eat biscuits.

    I’ve been out sledging and making MASSIVE snowballs. I suppose I should have taken a camera. But seeing as I forgot a nice flask of tea, broke my car windscreen and put my pants on backwards, it’s no shock I didn’t.

    Premier Icon twinklydave

    the dashboard of my car couldn’t be arsed this morning so i never made it

    i gave getting there a go…and the dash popped back into life to tell me i was hitting 95…but it was too late (and i was still being overtaken by a merc?!)


    my directions to get there were gash too, so never trust AA Routefinder!

    hurry up with HTN2 guys – I’ll be setting off for it tomorrow morning to make sure i get there on time 😉

    Premier Icon rockitman

    Thought it was top. Had a great time, despite the mud jamming everything up and going over the bars before I’d even made the start line.

    Many thanks to Andrew and the team and in particular all the marshalls.

    Anyone know when we can expect results? Wondering if I came 94th or 95th!

    Premier Icon terrahawk

    results will be along “in a bit”.
    Drop us an email if you want a lovely HTN T-Shirt – five quid plus post or near offer 😉

    Well done everyone – some impressively fast riding out there today. Also thanks for not being grumpy when I was “greeting” you at the main gate 😉 I

    See, I WAS there despite what it says on the results!

    Well done to all. John is as we speak going over the results. The good news is that the computers worked in the cold and we got the lap times. They will be put up soon. Meanwhile, the provisional results are here
    Enjoyed the Mud?
    There are a few issues with third place, as we got a few numbers/lap times down wrong (or so it seems :oops:)

    Premier Icon terrahawk

    Looks like a (more) complete list of results now.

    gutted i couldnt make it due to family issues, hopefully there will be another that i can do!


    Bare hands! Braver than me, China!

    Premier Icon terrahawk

    still some results issues – take em with a pinch of salt for now and we’ll get em sorted.

    Further photos will be appearing at when Colin gets round to uploading them!

    Premier Icon ton

    hey up, someones done me out of a lap 😡
    i did 4. 😀

    hey up, someones done me out of a lap
    i did 4.

    Will get John to find your missing lap as well. When did you see it last? 😉

    Premier Icon shaman

    Thought that might have been you Ton

    Not sure why 🙂


    my head hurts!!!

    Well done lads, really good event!

    Roll on the next one 😀


    Great race, not as cold as i thought 🙂

    Orange Clockwork – No. 47

    role on the next one 🙂

    A top event, well done lads for arranging it all.

    Weather was perfect for this time of year.

    The brass band was a nice touch – can you play a euphonium whilst wearing gloves?

    No 20 – Red Cove Handjob

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    Rooley, I was impressed by the way that you saved your bike by putting your head between it and the tree when you had your off.

    Hope that it doesn’t hurt too much in the morning.

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    Big thanks from me, too. Even if my result wasn’t exactly stunning.

    Really enjoyed it . Well done you lot. Good to put a few faces to the names on here.

    Have a scen at this for my bit.


    harry_the_spider – well, I figured i’d do less damage by using my head!!

    Did anyone get my flight on camera?



    Sorry, the blog at has been removed.

    ?? 🙁

    As I’ve said elsewhere,dont know what’s up.
    Alan was on the blower this morning .
    He seems to think it could be some spamming thing . Dont ask me ,I work in the building game……..

    At least I know my left from my right .
    Where were you intending to send Alan ,Mr Brant ?…..

    Theres a google cached version of the latest blog HERE

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