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  • Premier Icon Cougar

    I compared side-by-side the other day. It’s a bit bigger than the Sensation, and a much nicer screen. Not much else I can add, I didn’t play with the One for that long.

    Premier Icon notmyrealname

    I just got the One to replace my iPhone 4 when the contract ended.

    I really like the One so far, pretty easy to use, the screen’s good and I soon got used to the extra size of it.
    They make a big thing about the Beats Audio that it has. From what I’ve heard of it so far, it’s crap, no better than any other phone audio whatsoever.

    I thought the battery life was a bit poor to start with but I installed the Juice Defender app and it seems to last a bit longer now.


    I’ve got the One.

    Its a great phone, powerful, fast, good battery life. Great camera. well built, feels nice in the hand. I find the audio through the built in speakers to be much better than any other phone, but how often do you really listen through the built in speakers. audio through the headphones is the same as any other phone.

    Cant find any significant faults,but I guess the fact that it doesnt have an SD card slot could be considered a downside.

    regarding battery life, I get 2 days of what I consider to be light use between charges, thats with push email switched on, a few phone calls, and a bit of surfing. With heavy use, it’ll go the day for me, so no complaints there.

    I think the samsung galaxy S4 is slightly faster (according to benchmarks), but you’d probably not notice the difference in real world use.

    If you like the sensation and the way the HTC sense software works then I cant see any reason why you wouldnt like the One.


    …and if you don’t like all the HTC bloat you can stick vanilla 2.3 or a custom ROM.


    I have a Sensation XE and my daughter has recently changed from a Sensation XE to a One, she now takes the piss because my Sensation is so slow.

    Premier Icon stevied

    Hi all
    I’m due an upgrade in a couple of weeks and have been looking at the HTC One.
    Currently have a Sensation which I get on with well.
    Any real world thoughts/opinions on the One?

    Premier Icon fatmax

    Had one for a year or so, and I love it.
    Compared it to an iP5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 at the time.
    Will go for another HTC when it’s time to upgrade I would have thought – I like the new metal one.


    Pondered it myself, contract ends soon. I think I’m currently more into the idea of the S4 Active:

    Not having to worry when it’s hammering down with rain would be good.

    Premier Icon stevied

    Thanks guys 🙂
    Looks like it could be ideal then. The Sensation is getting a bit slow now..

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