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    The majority of goods coming into Europe will be coming from the far east, it would take longer to get to Liverpool than many other European ports. I also don’t think that Liverpool can handle a lot of the big ships that are now used.

    Peel Ports, the old mersey dock company are investing millions in a new chineese import centre at birkenhead, plus new roads and trains, along with a huge new extension to the docks at royal seaforth liverpool to take the biggest ships, all connected to the railways and motorways.They also own the manchester ship canal so easy acces to trafford park and manchester via ship.

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    I’m all for HS2, reduce short hall flights,

    It’ll free up landing slots at Heathrow so they can take more long-haul planes.

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    no, i don’t want 200mph trains, 90mph would do just fine. ie perfectly normal trains, mundane even.

    That route is generally operated by 185s, which have a top speed of 100mph IIRC. So it’s 40 miles, a couple of stops, a bit of a speeding up and slowing down, you’re not really far off!

    Don’t know if Liverpool can handle massive container ships or not, but I’m fairly sure the Chunnel can’t handle that kind of freight traffic… Think Rotterdam will still get most of the traffic.

    It can handle a lot of freight traffic, the high subsidies and capacity north of London are closer to limiting factors presently.


    Passenger services are a bit of a red herring really reckon the main economic advantage of a new line for fast passenger service is that it increases goods capacity vastly, pinch points for the key import points to the UK ie Thames Estuary, Felistowe, South Coast ares starting to get backed up in the midlands as capacity for freight has been increased around London.

    Increased goods capacity is certainly going to be needed at some point, HS2 would allow that to happen.

    The costs seem to be bonkers though particularly if a new line is going to be franschised out, it’s almost certainly going to be damaging to the rest of the UK if a high speed link to London exists…

Viewing 4 posts - 91 through 94 (of 94 total)

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