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  • Bushwhacked,

    Really sorry to hear about the impact on your wife – to be expected sadly, but the good news is you're taking affirmative action and your solicitor is making progress also. Chances are they'll go for a compromise agreement to mitigate costs and avoid any further nastiness…. The lack of a pool and the clear evidence of planning to replace you is a smoking gun – don't let them forget it! Also – make sure they're not aware of this on STW just in case!

    I was in a similar situation 8 weeks ago and it's worked out well for me and my new carbon hardtail . . . Oh yes.

    Keep it going and good luck!!!

    Premier Icon kennyp

    This probably isn't much consolation at the moment, but something like 80% of the folk I know who have been made redundant ultimately say they have ended up happier. Not all I admit, but the majority do.

    Good luck whatever happens.

    Premier Icon Bushwacked

    All fair comments – end of one chapter, onto the new one which is going to be even better!

    Premier Icon MartynS

    good luck B.. keep us posted. Get your arse up North when you can.

    My unfair redundancy where I got a payoff because of the incompetent way they did it ( I got money to go away and shut up – I'm passing the hat around on STW next week) paid for a BMW for me 🙂

    Premier Icon Bushwacked

    Felt like I wanted to give an update on my situation since I last posted a few weeks ago… a lot has happened.

    1. My company decided that I was right and what they were doing was unfair so invited two of my colleagues to join the process. They were rushed through the process and had their announcement and 1st consultation last week and 2nd consultation was yesterday.

    2. To add to the fun of Xmas my wife was laid off a week and a half ago. She had only been there 5 months so only got 1 weeks notice and no statuatory redundancy rights (as I understand it)

    3. 2nd Consultation process yesterday and we were all scored and surprise surprise I still scored bottom even though a significant number of colleagues I work with have said one of my colleagues should have gone as he is incompetent and will be unable to manage my account to the same level as I have.

    At this moment in time it really feels like I'm a marked man as if the scoring had been fair I would have scored higher than my colleague. Earlier in the year I was offered a role swap but it really wasn't something I felt I could move into so declined and I think my boss's boss who is notorious for holding a grudge is holding a grudge.

    I now have a few weeks of consultation left, although most of it over Christmas. I'm going to be advised of jobs within my company that I could apply for but none of the ones I am aware of are suitable so I'm going to focus my efforts outside of work.

    On the plus side, I've just reviewed my CV and it's not looking too shabby so I'm looking forward to seeing what is out there and getting something good.

    Its a shame that I've been told three days before Xmas as it really has ruined my excitement for the festive period but I'm going to work on sorting that out over the coming days and make the most of it.

    I've got to now focus on working out how to improve the tiny payout I've been offered so if anyone has any ideas let me know.

    Things could be so much worse!


    Positive attitude and move on to better things!

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    Sorry to hear the news. The same thing happened to me this time last year, just before Christmas. As you say, once they decide on the names, the scoring is just fixed to get the result they want, regardless of your skills.
    The one positive note is that the job market (at least in my area) is better this year then it was last year. Also, both times this has happen to me I've ending up doing something more enjoyable.
    All the best for the new year.

    Big M

    Bushwacked – I've just been through a similar process in November.

    The company I worked for had a shortfall in one side of the business and made a number of redundancies in the opposite side, the side I worked for.

    We were the 'new' part of the business and a number of us went. I was the only one doing my role 'head of sales' yet they've kept the full sales team on who aren't being managed at the moment!

    I travelled 4.5 hours for my first 20 minute meeting! I didn't attend my 2nd or 3rd meetings but did them over the phone, I asked why they'd want to spend £50 on petrol or £80 on train fares when they were trying to save money. Frankly I knew that they wanted to get rid of the newer guys who were trying to change the business, move it forward and were challenging the status quo.

    I've been through the redundancy process a number of times, the one thing I will say is that all the forms and assesment processes are there to back up and justify the company's decision. For whatever reason they have targeted you, maybe because as you say someone has a grudge.

    My advice would be to try and extract as much money out of them as possible and spin the whole thing out as long as possible, maximising your income and giving you a chance to apply for a new job.

    There are jobs out there, the challenge seems to be finding one at the right level and with the right company, at the moment I'm still looking!

    Good luck, try and enjoy Christmas, difficult I know, keep up the positive attitude

    Premier Icon Bushwacked

    I've set a goal for getting a new job – and to incentivise me I've got a picture of the bike I want and will be able to buy should I get a job in that time. 🙂


    Sorry to hear the news, but as already said try and remain positive. Draw a line under it, have an enjoyable Christmas and then crack on with sorting things out come the new yr.

    I was in a similar position last yr and from the sounds of your update, this type of thing is not uncommon.
    My scoring was ridiculously low compared to others in the group and when I asked for justification on certain scores I just got a load of blank stares. I also questioned how they could score me so low, when I had alaways got the largest salary increase possible (%age based on performance) and how at none of my 6 month appraisals had my performance been bought into question, when clearly from my scores I was an 'under performer'? Again, this just drew blank stares.
    In the end I was happy to be gone, if that is how they genuinely felt. The process is followed, but I believe it was worked backwards, not forwards to get the result they wanted.

    Just thought I'd mention all that above, so you can see that it's not an isolated case and don't worry too much about it. Just make sure your CV is top notch and get it out there. Good luck.


    Sorry to hear that Bushwacked, but you never know, it could all work out for the best like it has for me.

    All the best.

    Premier Icon Bushwacked

    Cheers – applying for loads of jobs and keeping a positive attitude.

    Just been to see "where the wild things are" and it was just what I needed 🙂

    Nothing to contribute to the discussion other than to say all the best and I really hope it works out for you.



    i will be standing right beside you ready to help, as you did me my friend

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