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  • hows your year so far?
  • BillMC

    A salutary reminder from a good guy.


    Thanks for your offer Kevevs but just now riding a bike is the last thing I want to do.


    Kevevs – Member
    Iolo, I’m in NWales mate, Llandudno. email me KevinevsATyahooDOTcoDOTuk if you feel up to a ride sometime. Even if it’s just a pootle about and a beer or a coffee.



    Usual management crap at work,
    but things are looking up….Morzine tomorrow..


    I’ll have to post something mainly because I’m having a very down day 🙁

    In November 2012 I was diagnosed with and grade 3 brain tumour and undergone major brain surgery to remove the bulk of the tumour. Also been on a cocktail of drugs to keep me from having seizures and/or a stroke due to the surgery.

    The year 2013 started with 6 weeks of daily intensive radiotherapy, I’m now coming to the end (3 days left) and feeling a bit under the weather and lost all my hair. Trying so hard to be positive but coping quite well, but just buying a new bike before I was diagnosed and only using it twice is hard not to get sad about. Also having my driving licence taken away (due to the surgery again) removes all that is left of my independence and I can’t reapply for my licence for 6 months too 2 years after the operation.

    On the positive side the wife (as always) has been great she is even going to shave her hair off too support the Brain Trust Charity who was very helpful and supportive to Suzie when we first found out, all friends have been fantastic and there for me all the way, work have been perfect and very supportive. Thank you to everyone for there support and words of encouragement, it has helped a lot. Also I’ve been out on my bike 2 times and it felt great.

    I’m still planing on taking part in the hit the north (2 days after finishing radiotherapy), even if its only 1 lap (as long as its not snowing or icey) and get back riding my bike as soon as possible.

    Also we was half way through getting a mortgage and I received a text (yes a test) literally saying “your mortgage application has expired please reapply” no warning saying you application is about to expire, so now we can’t get a mortgage, and not to sure what we are going to do… But all I know the coop bank is s**t and have changed there ethos. They was dragging there feet and this should have gone through before I was diagnosed…

    Tom B

    I’m having good day/week and things are pretty positive atm. It’s been a mixed year though. I’d been pretty stressed/down the last few months of 2012. I was constantly ill, avoiding friends, wasn’t happy at home (despite the fact that my wife is amazing) I woke up one day in the first week of January and realised that I was suffering from depression. I suffered with it once before in 2009. That day I called crisis/gp etc…… I really don’t want meds or counselling if I can help it but realised that I need to change a few things.

    I’ve made several changes to my day to day routine including starting eating breakfast (daft but has made a huge difference to my energy levels), I’ve had a new bike and have resolved to ride at least once a week (I’d pretty much given up, and it was mtbing that helped to bring me out of my prior depression). Silly little things like that seem to have really helped, as has just talking to my wife when I’m worried about inane crap too! A month on and I’m feeling a lot happier, I’m starting to enjoy work again and most of the time it isn’t a battle to get out of bed which is good.

    I really feel for the people that are having a tough time of it at the minute. As others have said, stw is a great place to vent.


    My year has been good so far. For much of last year i really thought i’d have to give up cycling completely but took a month off over xmas as a last resort to try and rest my injuries (from April 2012). Seems to have worked and i’ve rode more in the last month than all of last year combined, and i’m not in pain while doing it or after. Happy.

    Home/family life is good. Job is stable and i’m in the good books with the bosses for a change.

    And the icing on the cake? Four (yes 4!) new trail centres are well under construction here in sunny NI and due to open around springtime.

    allthegear…2013 is MY year.

    Mine too 😀

    Premier Icon easygirl

    This time last year me and my wife were enjoying a quiet house after both our teenage kids leaving home, then a shit storm began that’s still ongoing
    Daughter returned home
    Son returned home after splitting with girlfriend, bringing grandson with him
    Dad died of cancer on 7th dec
    Mother in law found out yesterday she has aggressive ovarian cancer


    To all of you/us I can only say I am humbled and privileged to hear your stories. As silly as STW sometimes can be, I think everyone who reads this thread has nothing but compassion and (yes) love for all.


    I only started all this after arriving at work one morning last week,i was just thinking to myself about my own year so far & wondered how y’all have started yours..
    Yes interesting reading everyones stories for sure,both good & bad, best wishes to everyone who has comented and may the rest of the year bring only positivity & plenty of fast riding! … Gotta love STW

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