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  • giantx4

    Mine could be better…hours cut,wifes part time job under threat,kids been ill most of january,mate just split with wife,…still riding tho eh :)… how about you guys?


    Busy, bonus next month. Loads of riding, two holidays booked for the year.
    Family, work and pleasure all good, unlike my self employed days.
    Ohh and I’ve lost a lot of weight.


    Youve made my day olgit! Nice one! ;))


    Its going way to quick, I also have a mate who is self destructing with really messy consequences, tried talking to him but he can’t see it.


    On a work front not very good at all (self employed electrician) ive worked about 4 days since jan 3rd, I have managed to get out on the bike a lot more though but unfortunately it doesn’t pay the bills


    Good thanks, I’m taking some time of, first time in 8mths, killing my Roadie in the Downs, killing myself at the same time.


    this last week has been a bit stressfull, had to pay out to replace a phone I’d lost whilst out running. very tired and stressed after doing nights and having to look after the kids without any sleep became distracted at an atm and walked away without the cash. Partner is having a bi-polar crisis, work is very busy and I broke my sunglasses.


    January is always shit for me, no one particular reason, just shit, glad to see the back of it. Feb brings a spring to my step. Going to spend March in the Canaries.

    Family stuff is OK, I’ve accepted that my youngest is going to do an apprenticeship rather than go to uni, so that’s me finished with formal education for my bunch.

    Work is boring but pays well and gives me a lot of time off so with Spring around the corner, I’ll be getting out more.

    To summarise how my year’s been so far – as expected.


    F@#$ing windy


    wife/kids all been ill at some point in January, work OK – tiny bit bored if i’m honest.

    council taking an age to sign off the first stage of our planning application and am very fed up with our current living arrangements (4 of us in a 2 bed bungalow which is falling to pieces around us)

    Am a bit fed up with winter now – looking foward to nice warm summer evenings when I can get in a 2 hour ride after work in daylight.

    Premier Icon mattbee

    Really busy at work but in a good way; lots of exciting new projects.
    Been riding a fair bit more too after being ill and injured most of last year.
    Downside is that work has kept me from seeing much of my wife apart from ‘in passing’. Still, the money earned will mean plenty of short breaks in the campervan when it gets a bit warmer.


    the same as always, some good some bad and a lot in-between.
    family cat died, wife mega depressed and not handling it well so we fall out a lot. contract renewed till summer which is great. climbing lots which I’m enjoying and cycling is limited to the commute.

    EDIT: ti_pin_man mantra: life is pain and suffering, the trick is to remember pain is temporary and suffering teaches you and everything in-between is joy and happiness.


    Ooh, don’t get me started. Not so good.

    Re-org at work has left me hanging with no idea where I fit in it, that’s been going on for months now.
    Very little riding for various reasons
    Almost split up with my wife due to a very silly thing that escalated beyond control
    I’ve still got a small cock
    Everyone hates me.
    My niece announced she was a lesbian (actually this was no surprise to me and I was quite amused by it), I always had my suspicions but it’s caused lots of upset on that side of the family which has caused friction a long way out.

    But then the last 4 days has really decided to throw it all in.
    Boiler flooded the kitchen
    Bathroom window broke
    Conservatory started leaking
    Car windscreen cracked
    A delightful bout of 3 days of insomnia has left me in a comatose state
    Still no riding


    So so, cold, college is ok, working my ass of for last year, hopefully there’s a job at the end of it if it goes well. Family are cool, dad got a big promotion more money better car, he’s working too hard though, mums gone down to 4 days which she’s wanted to do for ages, brov is still a **** though. Gf thing is all a bit weird, dunno where it’s going atm, more like FWB rather than anything proper, we’ve stopped talking about the future together it just causes arguments

    Riding and running are non existent and I can’t be bothered with it right now. Weather doesn’t help.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    I’m struggling to muster anything other than ‘meh’…

    Been riding more, and feel better for it but that’s probably the only good thing.


    Maybe we should consult oldgit for some advice on making our lives perfik?? 😉


    Blimey, not coming in here again… it’s depressing 🙁

    Premier Icon footflaps

    Have to say I’ve lost some momentum, last year for very manic with Workshop taking up most of my weekends / evenings, whereas post Xmas I’ve done very little exercise or DIY. Doing a lot of sleeping though…

    On the plus side, taken up Power lifting at a new gym, so learning to Squat and Deadlift properly – flipping exhausting stuff to start with, deadlift seems to drain me like nothing on earth…..

    I went snowboarding 😀
    The project work is still on track

    I hurt myself snowboarding and I’m off my mountain bike
    the bid work was difficult and I feel negative about our chances
    family illness
    Angst about what changes to make in my life


    My bipolar is worse than ever.
    I tried to kill myself.
    Not really a good start.


    run down and hectic with a refreshing relocation imminent.. 😀

    sorry to hear that iolo

    started the year in nepal, with my mountain bike
    came back and got ill with a stomach bug (ambulance, A&E)
    lost my best mate
    got offered my dream job
    split with GF (i did the splitting)
    came to an ‘arrangement’ with a girl at work
    ridiculously large gas and electric bill (don’t live with spaniards in a cold damp house!)

    so other than nepal, the job and the ‘arrangement’ things have been pretty shitty. but i’m feeling positive, start the new job a week on monday. life moves on.

    Premier Icon binners

    Its got off to an absolutely brilliant start! And I’ve just got the distinct feeling things are on the up. Haven’t felt this positive in years. Nothing major has changed that much. I’m just happier with the way things are. Got everything I need 😀

    Sorry to everyone who’s not having a great one. I’ve had some shockers over the last few years, so I can sympathise

    Premier Icon footflaps

    I tried to kill myself.

    That doesn’t sound much like fun…. Seeing anyone about it?


    excellent; handed my notice in. Bought a ticket to Vancouver. The only problem being that the Experience Canada visa’s still aren’t open. I shall apply whilst I’m out there I think.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner


    But not as bad as some.

    Iolo, mate I really hope things pick up for you.
    Positive vibes from Burnley. Please keep on keeping on.


    Tough: baby born on NYE (mum went in on xmas day with waters gone)6 weeks early, difficult birth and other issues that will mean quite a bit of surgery this year. 3 weeks in special care. Finally get mum and babe home and mum has a total breakdown from the stress, crisis team intervention, long nights. Just coming out of it now. I’ve had our 2 kids to look after and 24hr care of baby and my dear wife suffering. I am tired.
    Good: mountain mayhem is next door this year, I have some more work coming up cycling related, a new bike next month, I have some great friends and family and I love my new daughter beyond words and my two other girls are brilliant in difficult times and are flying at school. My wife will recover.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    iolo, if every you need to chat or vent, we’re all here for you. Hope things pick up for you.


    Cautiously optimistic.

    Family all good. Work is fine – but in reality even with the little annoying work bumps now and again if those are the worst things I have to worry about in life then life is not too shabby.

    Only issue is what GP diagnosed as IBS. Nothing unbearable and some days no issues at all. However seeing another GP on Monday to get another opinion. Was 78kg back in May, dropped to a bit over 70kg Oct/Nov but weighed myself last night and reading a healthy 77kg again.

    Apart from that then life is actually relatively rather good.


    Thanks everyone for your kind offers.
    I’ve come back from Vienna to north Wales for a bit.
    I’m currently heavily medicated and have a psychiatric nurse visiting me every day.
    My head is not such a good place to be at the moment.
    Bipolar is such a shit thing.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    My head is not such a good place to be at the moment.

    Wishing you as speedy recovery as possible.

    You know you can always vent on the forum if things get too much……


    You know you can always vent on the forum if things get too much…

    Just make sure you get your grammar and spelling correct before you post though.


    Sorry to hear you’re having a tough time iolo…

    My 2013 is doing ok actually! 2012 was horrific, but I have kind of accepted all the changes and realised that I am actually incredibly blessed to have lovely friends and family and the ability to get out on my bike whenever I want.

    Life is very different to how I expected it to be, but hey, got to roll with the punches eh 😉


    I only live to ride and usually rely on enthusiasm and momentum from the previous year to see me through winter but last year because of the weather I never really got started it seemed every ride was a battle with the elements.

    So this year has been distinctly meh so far and I yearn for the days when I don’t have to get kitted up like an Arctic explorer

    Otherwise fine


    Good so far despite the end of 2012 being a bit crap (parents split up and mum just moved out, girl troubles). Stable job that I’m still enjoying, awesome group of friends and I’m still getting healthier and fitter all the time. Most importantly, the sun’s out, it doesn’t look too windy, and I’m going for a ride in a few minutes 🙂

    Premier Icon MrOvershoot

    I’m not going to lift the mood much I’m afraid.

    My wife’s MS continues to slowly destroy her 🙁
    I spend most of the time shattered from working full time with a micro managing boss & caring for my wife/running the house when not at work.

    I have not ridden a bike (other than to the shops) since the end of October, though given the weather I would have struggled for motivation anyway.

    11 work mates were made redundant.

    So all in all S*H*I*T


    Bipolar is such a shit thing

    For sure. It’s really, really good at messing up every single relationship you have. You have my absolute and total sympathy.

    Well, things could be much better, but tbh things could be much,much worse.

    Things will change, and things will get better, of this I’m sure.

    Whenever I get a bit stuck in life, a trip up here usually clears my head, and lets me get a bit of perspective.

    Bring it on.

    Premier Icon lowey

    Started rubbish, binned by girlfriend out of the blue.

    However, Gave up booze for 4 weeks, lost 12 pounds (and counting), rode more MTB miles than any month last year, took up running, busy at work.

    So after a rubbish start, its all good.

    Premier Icon white101

    So far the year has been pretty bad, I lost my mam suddenly at New Year which has really shook the family, still awaiting some ideas from the coroner as to the reason why which is not helping my Dad
    Then on Saturday I slipped and broke my ankle and damaged ligaments so 6-8 weeks in a cast has kinda put a bigger downer on things for me, as the only driver in the close family its also not helped my dad as I have been up to see him every day and have been running him around when he needed stuff.
    I was hoping to get out more on the bike this month to ward off any ‘bad vibes’ getting into my head. Just going to have to do my cycling via videos I find on the net.

    I started the ‘photos’ thread again to cheer myself up, its working well, 2 years of quality pics really lifts the mood.

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