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  • How's your cyclists tan coming on?
  • jekkyl

    I’m on hols at the mo and have to admit to looking rather silly when I take my shirt off. Bronzed Italianesque tan 3/4s of the way up both arms with pasty English milk bottlesque upper arms & podgy white torso.


    Worryingly well, I have white hand and shoulder syndrome. Wedding pictures are going to be a bit odd if I don’t make a conscious effort to even up a bit in the next three months!

    Premier Icon paulmgreen

    As ‘summer’ has only just arrived……. I have only the faintest line!


    Mine is bordering laughable now. Luckily I’ll spend a lot of the summer in a wetsuit so no one will ever know


    arms and face good. Legs very slight…

    Premier Icon kimbers

    I took 6hrs to do the long route at the rough ride a couple of weeks ago

    I have a single tiger stripe across the top of my bumcheeks/lower back

    where my shirt rode up and I didnt realise


    In Israel a few years ago, nice tan on legs before i went,lycra shorts length, then shorter shorts for holiday and got 2 red bands round each leg about 3 inches wide, took trainer socks off and got badly burnt feet while on the beach, result bright red painful feet, and brown legs.

    Tom B

    Mine is pretty crap. Went to Cyprus in May and was amazed at how pale I was, then I realised that at that point I’d only ridden twice this year without short sleeves! Until a fortnight ago 2013 had been bloomin freezing!

    Premier Icon footflaps

    My cyclist tan now lasts all through winter, even without any top ups, it just fades a bit in the darker months and gets a boost whenever I ride abroad in the summer.


    Got out of the shower earlier to gaffaaaws From the other half …

    Tan going well then … 🙄


    Pretty well thanks though I should get the fake tan out on my ankles 😆


    Tan? Is that caused by wind or rain because that’s the only way I’d have one.

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    [Smug mode]

    My Lycra defined tan lines are now blurred at the edges by the Caribbean sun

    [/smug mode]


    Ah con artists , these comments are worthless without pics!
    Bit dark n late now, I will submit my pic in the morn…think I could win hhis one 😈

    Have the same thoughts each year

    1) shall I just get a band of lace tattooed round each thigh as I spend most of the summer almost looking like  I’m wearing stockings anyway?

    2) contemplate the above but realise would look wrong with white feet – then miss my old shimano spd sandles so much I spend an hour googling to no avail


    I have Natural Mediterranean Coloured skin. But my face looks like I’ve not had a wash for a month, kinda a dirty tan. Partner is even darker than me, and just has to look at the sun and is middle eastern coloured


    Yur. Arms are mahogany despite living in NE England. Face is a patchy red, more due to alcohol than sunshine 😳

    Legs never see the light of day, due to ridiculous knees, knotted muscles and skinny bits in between.


    Done a fair bit of gardening in the little sun we’ve had so I don’t have that stupid defined tan the top pros have. Plus my shorts are all different lengths. And factor 1000.00 sun cream helps as well.

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