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  • How's your 3 Peaks cx training coming along?
  • MrSparkle

    I’m ticking over. Ride pretty much every day but have started doing specific Peaks training ie steep hill carries (and rocky downhill plummets). I’ve had an ankle injury since Christmas which has meant no fell running but have run 3 times this week with no issues so far, touch wood.
    Just need to keep ramping it up for the next month or so and then a bit of a taper and here we go again! Can’t wait!


    Bump for the afternoon types.

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Glad I’m not doing it this year to be honest. Done it for 6 years on the trot and around this time of year I’m always starting to panic about not having done enough running/bike carrying etc.

    Anyway, I broke my right collarbone in May and although I’ve been back on the bike for a while I’m not sure it’s up to carrying bikes up windswept slopes!

    Good luck to you though MrSparkle and to everyone else doing it – I’ll be there to heckle. 😉


    40 mile loop yesterday including carry up and descent of Sugarloaf. Carrying seems to be fine. 36 x 27 was not a good climbing gear…


    Being doing plenty of cycling, maybe not enough carrying yet.

    I’ve targeted descending with speed on rough rocky stuff. My carbon CX bike is looking the worse for this as are my wheels.


    Would like to think my training is going OK, though this is my first year at doing the 3 peaks so guess only time will tell.

    I have only just started my biker hike skills today and all seemed to go pretty well considering i had never really walked up a steep rocky climb with my bike on my shoulder but have been told its all about technique so will keep practicing.

    Fitness wise i should be OK as been getting in plenty of road and off road miles in on both CX bike and MTN bike.

    If anyone fancies doing some specific CX/Peaks training then get in touch as i wouldn’t mind seeing where i am compared to others who have raced this event before(Lancashire Area) 🙂

    Premier Icon TomHill

    It’s not, thanks to second broken bone of the summer 🙁

    Unlikely that I’ll be recovered in time, and if I am, I’ll simply be looking to survive rather than get a decent time/position. Will still be there on bottle duty, regardless. Too good to miss!

    Premier Icon mugsys_m8

    It’s not: I’m stuck in Azerbaijan working crazy hours. Was managing upto 5km/ day on a treadmill inclined. Not done anyhting for a week as stuck in the middle of nowhere.

    Got 3 weeks cycle touring and camping towming Miss Pia (3) on my sinlgespeed, which should help. But will be seriously lacking in specific steep running and carrying.

    Hmmph. 1st time as well.


    Bones, ygm.

    Premier Icon terrahawk

    I’ve done no 3 Peaks training yet. been doin other stuff innit.

    feeling it a serious drag trying to be arsed with it this time round to be honest.

    I am training for the 3 peaks and the fred whittons 4 seasons, so Lots of road riding, just finished training for the south downs (although it got thunder stormed off!).

    Before I can do more training I need some **** CX wheels and a mech that **** works! My LBS has been stupid and sold me completely the wrong everything.

    Premier Icon stever

    Arse thoroughly kicked at Teggs Nose fell yesterday, lack of running chickens coming home to roost. Bit of bike fitness coming along, as many hills as I can around here. 8x laps of my cx loop today for 1600′ in just over an hour. Happy with that on tired legs. Carbo loading going well.

    Premier Icon Clover

    Got piss wet through on a bike yesterday. Does that count?


    No, that’ll be of no use at all as it will be absolutely glorious this year. YHIHF. 😀


    bones it will be a breeze for you


    Not ridden a bike for most of August.

    Have done plenty of hiking on holiday and will be dusting off my cross bike for a few longe bumpy rides over the next few weeks.

    Not looking to win, just get round in about 4 hours. I did no running last year and managed 4h35. With better conditions and a big ring that works I think I’ll be able to knock that down a bit. I’m certainly fitter on the bike this year despite my lack of racing.

    You do really need to work out how you are going to carry your bike. Make sure that if you intend to use bottle cages that they don’t obstruct you or the same for a rucksack.

    Praying for “not horrendous weather” like last year.

    the teaboy

    Went on the training ride and enjoyed that despite scaring myself silly on the rocky bridleway section of the Whernside descent (coming over the shoulder from Whernside Manor, Dentdale).

    Was dropped on the long road section from Ribblehead back to Helwith Bridge though. No great surprise after spending spring in a plaster cast.

    I’ve adjusted my aims to ‘survival’ and need to get back on my bike. I’ve lost all motivation in the last couple of weeks after a(nother) silly crash.

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