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  • Howies Dyfi shell – any users out there yet?
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    I’ve got one, it’s not too flappy, pretty fitted. The arms are long enough & the back dropped enough for on the bike, without lloking completely gimpy off the bike.

    Light, cool, seems pretty breathable. From the light showers I’ve been caught in while wearing it, it seems pretty waterproof, but I doubt it’ll shrug off proper rain for all that long (might be surprised though)

    edit: I’m 5’11, broad shouldered & 32″ waist, so not exactly super-svelte, a Large fits well, M would def be too small, if I was much heftier I’d have definitely had to get an xl

    Thanks Khegs – you sound a similar size to me. That’s well worth knowing about the sizing.

    Just wondering how they fit and how weather-resistant they are.

    Quite fancy one, but after moving last week need to justify spending to Pimpmistress Jazz.

    I’m 5’9″, 40″ chest, 30″ waist. Got a large. The medium was much too tight. I find the large is a bit flappy round the waist. But I’ve got broad shoulders so I find that with most clothes.
    Seems to breathe well, certainly noticed the wind proofing, but haven’t been out in the wet so cannot comment on the waterproofing.

    Nice shade of blue IMO

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    I’m 6′ 2″ tall with 44″ chest, 36″ waist and ordered large by mistake and it was much too small. Howies swapped without quibble and the XL fits perfectly.

    It is a very lightweight jacket and well cut to avoid flappage. Only a single pocket on the chest which takes a phone or similar sized object.

    I’ve only worn it in the dry and it’s been surprisingly warm. Came here to find anyone’s experience with it in the rain as I think I’ll find out tomorrow… will try to remember to report back.

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    I notice they are sold out in at least one colour !

    Ironically in the colour I had my eye on.

    That’ll learn me.



    Update, been wearing it in proper rain now

    Not waterproof for any sustained proper rain, drizzle is fine though.
    After about 5 minutes your arms will be getting wet, this was reasonably heavy, windblown rain. But it stayed windproof, so I was just soggy, not getting cold as well.

    It was just the arms that were starting to soak through, around where the mesh is first.

    Dries incredibly quickly too

    So pretty good, happy with that

    The blue is pretty nice too, by the way. The orange was sold out in most sizes within a couple of days of release, So I suspect they’ll be getting more in at some point


    Last time I checked Wiggle had all colours in most sizes and for a fiver less.

    As for Size im 6″2/75kg and tried a medium and a large and the medium was a reasonably tight fit but the body length and arm length were about an inch too short for me. the large has the same body and arm lengths just a lot wider in the body.

    for lanky old me the search goes on

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    Used mine in anger for the first time yesterday. Very impressed.

    5 hrs of slogging round the dartmoor classic in the grimmest of conditions and the jacket was brilliant. Short sleeve jersey and arm warmer underneath and it kept me warm if not dry.

    Best of all it was pretty quiet compared to my last jacket. Fit is really good for me.

    Slipstream jersey is good too.

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