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  • djglover

    Planning this ride on Sunday, any views on which way up is the best, there are 4 obvious ways up on the map.

    What are the conditions like up there? Will there still be snow do you think?

    In the meantime anyone got any good pics of it up there?

    Premier Icon Terra

    Pics here, reprot starting from 16th

    We did it in October. Went up The Calf via Winder from Sedbergh. There was a big discussion on here a while back about whether it was better clockwise or anti-clockwise. We did it clockwise.


    Is that way up rideable?

    Premier Icon lowey

    Sunny calf pics

    I’ve done it twice, both times clockwise. The way up from Sedbergh is steep but 100% rideable. I prefer the Descent through Bowderdale, I think the climb up through the valley would be a bit soul destroying, but i never tried it. The bonus is also the wooded downhill to the ford at Murthwaite. Its a little cracker.

    Have fun.


    More pics:
    I have done Bowderdale once the other way – nothing like as good. Lowey is right, Winder is 100% rideable – but only if you have enough puff! I know of one rider who has cleared the climb up Calders but most mortal have to push some of the way. I would only ever consider doing this ride clockwise.


    Still a bit of snow on the Howgills when I drove past yesterday – not loads though and will have thawed more since then.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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