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  • how would you describe yourself?
  • ourkidsam

    Interested in everything and dedicated to nothing


    "A will of iron and a knob of butter"


    Nice guy really but a bit grumpy, good fun, witty, kind, different, intense.

    Shy, kind always willing to help others and overly complicated. Half full not half empty. 😀

    Fat, bald, sometimes grumpy and opinionated but generally happy. Oh, and northern.


    Mostly cheerful, inquisitive, enthusiastic and will argue a point because I believe it.

    I've nothing much to complain about, but often feel like an under-achiever due to my lack of focus -I'm more of a shotgun than a sniping rifle 🙂


    In my eyes, elliptic is about waking up next to your girl after partying with your boys until 5am and smelling the scent of the perfume you just bought her. Shes playing with her hair and you are remembering the first time you laid eyes on her. Its about cruising down Lakeshore with the new Truezt and Frozen State track pumping while laughing about whos paying for drinks that night. Elliptic's about bombing Queen Street with your latest work right over Spadina for the world to see your free billboard. Its about showing up to a Jon Todd show fashionably late with a box of tees to sell and roll of cash from an illustration job you just did in some old jeans, fresh chucks and a vintage Bulls cap. Its about enjoying a Sunday with Yukiko as she shows you her latest painting and blows your mind with the detail and color scheme. Its about having beers with your Asian crew, stopping by Lula Lounge for a quick Salsa lesson, chilling with your girl's rock band and then heading downtown on your new skate deck to meet your boy C who just hopped off the jet from his trip home to Germany.

    Well, that's me according to the interwebs, anyway.


    Short, loudly obnoxious and severely hyperactive!!

    Lives life with the belief that you will p*ss more people off in a day by being happy than you ever will by being grumpy….. give it a go it's great fun!!! ;O)


    lively, opinionated, friendly and irreverant, an introverted extrovert

    since the birth of my two sons you can add A+ doting father

    Premier Icon Shackleton

    An intelligent, cheerful (in a Bill Hicks kind of way), mildly bored, overly inquisitive scientist constantly bewildered, bemused and irritated by the acts of our thoughtless, arrogant, imbecillic and selfish species.

    But somehow I still manage to smile. Odd that.

    I'm a picker , I'm a grinner , I'm a lover , And I'm a sinner, I play my music in the sun.
    I'm a joker, I'm a smoker , I'm a midnight toker, I get my loving on the run Wooooo Wooooooo.

    Oh and I'm a boob man; Hello Munqe & Foxy chicks 😉

    bald, thin, happy/grumpy, lazy/enthusiastic, inquisitive.

    Jack of all trades, master of none.


    skinny and pointy.

    Never knowingly idle.


    Must Try Harder.



    Funny, impatient, opiniated, loud when I'm drunk, resourceful, intelligent (so I'm told), obsessed with cycling (so I'm told), loyal, a grafter, generally happy (although since break up with BF and onset of menopause have struggled a bit)so generally happy can descend into generally despairing, but nothing a bike ride can't sort out (or a bottle of wine!)


    Tankslapper, you are a comedy genius!

    Either that or a plagiarist. 😉

    iam fat and called Simon i sometimes ride bikes iam a Buddhist,husband and father to two with one more on the way, i work hard play hard,iam not scared of a big meal with good wine and even better company,but sometimes can be a right sh*t and grumpy,but most of the time in a good mood and talking lots loudly 8)

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    good fun at parties 😀

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