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  • So, I’m after some new bars for my Meta5. I currently have 680mm Easton EA50 bars, but feel like they are too narrow. The question is, how wide to go though? I ride a good XC/Trail/AM mix.

    I quite like the look for the Nukeproof Warhead bars, but even these come in 760mm or 800mm. These are to go on a Commencal Meta5, with a 70mm stem which I quite like the length of.

    I got some 780s from Superstar and experimented with grip positions,then ended up cutting them down to 740mm,used to use 660s,these feel a lot better.


    I have the Warhead bars but ended up cutting them down to about 730mm and they feel great. 760 was too much for me.


    I went from 680 too 780 and I prefer the 780 alot more. But I do have less rise on the 780s.

    I have used from 500-880 too. I would factor in the type of bike and your setup before you buy a new bar. Also go to your lbs and get the feel of a few bars for width.


    Also worth adding. I reduced my stem length from 80-50mm and it just spread me out a bit instead of stretching me out wider.

    So it sounds like the Warheads at 760mm could be a good option, and then trim them if I find them a little too wide.

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    760’s feel good

    view from the bars 2 by rOcKeTdOgUk, on Flickr

    Pegasus by rOcKeTdOgUk, on Flickr

    I recently went from 720 to 785. Have cut them down to 765 but worlds apart from how the bike used to ride. IMO the wider the better.

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