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  • How wide are your bars?
  • Premier Icon swavis

    800mm Blackspire jobbies from CRC, I thought they’d be faaaar to wide after using Easton’s EA70’s for years, but I’ve kinda got used to them now and love the nice wide feel to them.

    Premier Icon martymac

    620 on my hardtail, which feels slightly narrow,
    700 on full susser, which feels just right for me.


    My main bike has Sunline V2’s at 725mm.

    It’s on my Pha5e, tis lovely. πŸ˜€


    750mm and have been for about three years now. I recently tried to go a little narrower, down to 730mm, but I missed the extra leverage that the wider bars give.

    Personally I think everyone should ride what works for them but I do think a lot of people would find their riding improved considerably by switching to a 730mm+ bar.


    745 v1 for the last 2 years swop back to 711 v1 and they just feel narrow,and resrictive strange what feels good πŸ˜€

    Premier Icon R.lepecha

    As per title.
    I’ve got 660mm’s on my do it all/am/xc hardtail. I’m going to buy some 750’s in the CRC Warehouse clearance though.

    So how wide are yours?


    710 + 730 on my bikes


    27″ on my mtbs and bmx


    580mm flats currently on my main bike

    Not sure on the others but a bit wider

    I have 4 sets of 750mm Funn Full-On Triple butted in 25.4 standard. 2 sets are spare cos CRC were clearing them out; because they are gret bars; and because I want to stick to 25.4 for as long as I can.. I prefer the look… these bars are plenty wide, I have 47in chest..


    710mm feels just right for me. I tried 765 but was too wide.


    685mm monkelites CNT on both bikes – could probably go a bit wider, but dont want the hassle on narrow sections


    745 V1 – feel spot on on the full suss.


    750mm on Areil, maybe still a little too wide for tight woodland singletrack but spot onm elsewhere, not sure what size I’m going to go for on the Anthem race bike πŸ˜•

    Premier Icon colournoise

    _tom_ – Member
    710mm feels just right for me. I tried 765 but was too wide.

    Same here.

    slainte πŸ™‚ rob


    685 and 715


    711 MTB. Moved from 680 and prefer the slightly wider feel. Could go wider πŸ™‚

    440 Road


    685 on xc bike, looking at the start line at races i think that is pretty wide for a ‘race’ bike but it is my all purpose one. 710mm on singlespeed and bullitt for ‘gurn/stood up leverage’ and ‘control’ factors respectively. I think my shoulders are too narrow for there to me much point in me going much wider.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Whatever MBR tells me they should be


    It’s a combo of bars and stem length and physical size…

    Wider bars bring you forward over the forks using same stem length, etc, etc…

    Whatever fits is the ticket!! Might actually measure mine tonight πŸ™‚


    Not sure on the Inbred – some fairly old RF Deus that I cut a bit off – so probably about 640mm or so. I did have some Sunline V3’s on there at 710mm, but they were a bit wide given that I use it a lot on the road to get miles in during the week.

    The Stumpjumper has got some 710mm KCNC low risers on. Not sure if they are too wide for me or not. I keep thinking that they’d be better with a teeny bit off, but will give it a while longer to be indecisive.

    Premier Icon mattjg

    685mm EA50s, I just trimmed to 655, much more flickable for twisty singletrack, should have done it years ago. May shave off a few more mm yet.

    Premier Icon mattjg

    I wonder if there are different measurement methods going on here (some seem very high). Mine is for the bars without the grips, straight line centre of bar to opposite centre.

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    711mm Answer Protaper on the FS
    685mm Monkeylite on the race HT
    700mm Funn Full On on the street bike (cut down from 750mm)

    Premier Icon Matt24k

    680mm cut down from 720mm after I kept hitting trail side trees!
    Typical case of reading magazine that said you must fit wider bars, spending the money, thinking it’s great and then realising that I am an individual.
    Got suckered into it, not thinking that most journo’s are taller than me. Said journo probably feels obliged by way of free trips to fantastic launch locations provided by the importers of wide bars etc that have warehouses full to shift.


    745 V1 – feel spot on on the full suss.

    Same here πŸ˜€

    Both bikes back down to 685mm. Tried wider bars (740mm) but felt detached from the front end and kept bashing trees.


    16 feet and counting on my penny farthing.


    780 on the enduro
    760 on the chumba

    I recently stuck some ‘narrow’ 710 bars on the sovereign I have just built up. It felt great through tight singletrack (not having to worry about catching the bars) but not as good everywhere else.

    I’m going to chop a bit of the chumba bars to make them a bit more singletrack friendly.


    710mm on my old Enduro XC bike
    760mm on my Wolf Ridge



    740s at the moment, they were 780 but just felt too wide so I cut them down, this seems perfect.

    I’ve gto some Sunline V1s which were at 745mm but on some of my local singletrack I kept holding people up because I got stuck between the trees. I’ve cut them down to 720mm and they feel perfect now. I’m only a small guy, though.


    760 nukeproof warheads for me.

    760 on the Pitch, good, unless the gap between the trees is a bit narrow!

    685 on the SS, suits it better.

    750 on the Spicy & Demo, 710 on the Soul. Was glad of the 710s last night, riding ticht singletrack through trees

    Premier Icon schmiken

    600mm flat bars on all three of mine.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    710mm flat Salsas on the hardtail
    685 Easton risers on the full-sus.
    660 Easton risers on the rgid SS
    554 On One Midge bars on the 29er.


    711mm and still getting used to them, clipped a few trees down labyrinth @ swinley
    580 flat bar on my XC HT


    720mm flat bar on my 29er, really like it but it does make things a bit dicey in the singletrack!

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