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  • How wide are your bars?
  • cplater1

    I’m running 710mm low rise, which some consider normal, some say are large


    780 Rentals, great for open dh/trail riding, tight singletrack, rubbish got wedged and crashed numerous times on the last ride due to this.
    Getting cut down to 750 to see if that’s enough.
    6’3″ with relativly broad shoulders BTW.

    760 Nukeproofs. Perfect. 710 Gravitys on the hardtail feel very narrow.

    blimey, i thought the 710s i was looking at were wide…


    Renthal on both bikes, 780 on the full susser (mini dh type thing) 760 on the hardtail (xc and general mucking about)

    They are a bit too wide for twisty singletrack, but I don’t care as it is much more fun.

    6’3 with monkey arms

    Premier Icon Northwind

    710mm on both of my main bikes. Just feels right, I’ve had wider and I still use narrower on the XC bike but I seem to be about 710-sized.

    Premier Icon ton

    your shoulder width plus 20mm is the ideal width for bars.


    725mm….another inch would’nt go amiss.And some wider bars.


    27″ bars on bmx and mtb for me 🙂


    Big sweep bonty RL 640mm flat bars. I feel like I have more control than when using 580 and better low speed control when climbing than with 680mm.

    Premier Icon stevenmenmuir

    27″ for me, I’m a bit of a skinny runt really.

    Premier Icon xherbivorex

    745mm sunline v1s on the bouncy bike.
    not sure what width easton ea50 risers on the HT.

    i need to put wider bars on the HT too. it doesn’t feel right any more.

    680 is plenty wide enough for me.

    my easton ea70s are 685 so ive gone for some Answer pro tapers 720.. hope they are wide enough.. apart from gates any other disadvantages to wide bars?


    710mm Niner flat bars on the whippet XC, 760mm NukeProof flat bars on the full sus trail bike. 760mm is a bit wide IMO for a standard size person. 680mm to 710mm are about right for me @ 5’10”.


    750mm on my FS
    711mm on my 29er
    700mm on my jump bike

    Premier Icon mintimperial


    I genuinely don’t know.

    You lot are a bit scary sometimes, you know that? 😯

    Currently got 685mm Eastons which feel a bit narrow… what are you running and whats considered wide these days?

    685 Eastons on both bikes. Starting on wider bars is like a drug addiction 😉

    Premier Icon colournoise

    710 Wisers on main bike. Was running 760 Azonics but found these too wide for me (5’6″ but with relatively long arms).

    slainte 😀 rob

    Renthal 780mm here.
    Love them.
    I am 6’5 with pretty broad shoulders.

    lol im with mintimperial on this thread …i dont know either :mrgreen:
    width /lenght….. all i know is that my carbon monkey lite bars are quite long but you get better leverage apparantly….

    745mm on the bouncy bike, 660mm on the stiff bike 🙂



    Getting 1 pair of wide bars was an expensive upgrade!


    785 ea30’s on all 3 bikes 😆

    I’ve gto some 745mm Sunline V1s but I’ve had to cut them down so i could fit through the trees and it’s still hard now. They’re at 720mm now


    760 nukeproofs . would never go back to anything smaller

    Two sets of Easton Havoc 750 Carbons.

    Broke ribs when I clipped a branch with my 725 RaceFace.

    Killed time while I was recovering by ordering wider.


    Ton is spot on

    Premier Icon timmys

    Just moved from 660 to 711 and am very happy with the extra width even though I was worried they would be a hassle on tight woody trails. (6’2″)


    *runs to get tape measure*

    Bugger seems those bars that felt perfect are infact too big . need to hack 180 mm off them… 😀

    Premier Icon uphillcursing

    Can you post a diagram of how to measure shoulder width please? I have a feeling that ALL my bars may be on the narrow side going by Ton’s formula.


    720mm Answer mid rise with 50mm stem on Mondraker Foxy with Fox 36 Talas and … they feel plenty wide enough for me and I’m 6’3″ with fairly broad shoulders…. can’t see that anything wider would be of any benefit

    660, i don’t think i would want to go any wider.


    a lot of people won’t try wide bars because they can’t see the point or they think its just fashion or marketing.
    ive tried bars at loads of different lenghts and for my style of riding i find 730mm to 750mm far better than anything shorter OR longer.730mm giving me more clearance and sharper handling and 750mm slower handling but much better stability and high speed cornering.
    also depends on your stem length.i only use 50mm stems,would’nt fancy putting 750mm bars on a 100mm stem.
    even if your not into agressive riding though ,i can’t see any benifits of going short than 710mm though i would be intrested to hear what the benifits are?


    On last few bikes had Raceface Atlas bars at iirc 710 or there abouts which felt fine.

    Tried 685 bars on a bike but felt too narrow.

    On my new bike i have 760 Nukeproofs, feel ok but will see how they go over a period, may need a slight trim to 740.

    Premier Icon Matt24k

    Went from 620 to 710. Then had to cut 25mm off each end as I kept whacking them on trees! After sliding down one tree too many I have worked out that 660mm is the least painful size for a 5ft 7 short arse.


    750 Havoc’s for me and I’ve put a 70mm stem on (down from 90mm). I’m 6’3 and reasonably broad. Early days yet but I bought them having had a quick try of Ed Oxley’s bike with 780’s on. Initial impression is good.


    I had about 600mm on the bike but didnt like the shape, i initially wanted some around 680mm but being a stingy bugger just had to wait to see what turned up 2nd hand.
    I have ended up with 700mm wide and they are great but even that wide i thrash them on trees occasionally.

    Premier Icon Bregante

    Feeling “under endowed” at a measly 711 here. Still, I suppose it’s what you do with them that counts 🙂


    26″ is spot on for me. I tried a bit wider, but although it was good for descending it felt horrible climbing.


    711 (spinal tap style 710!!) on the SS 17° salsa jobbies
    750 on the HT but i’m going to try my 685s again. Love the wide bar but i think i’ve shortened the cockpit too much.

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