how wide are your bars?

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  • how wide are your bars?
  • bunnerscj

    710mm on all since god knows when 🙄


    Just took a proper measurement, about 650mm. Will I feel more stable on the bike if I get something wider?


    I think a part of this is fashion for wide bars at the moment and a part of it is about the width of your shoulders. me I am fairly narrow shouldered so run 660 on the solo and 685 on the tandem where the greater leverage is a help. I find the 660 more comfortable and will go back to that for touring teh tandem

    The Doog

    I just got some truvativ boobars 780mm wide, far too wide really so i lopped 20mm off each side and they're way better now!! Just what i needed.

    Premier Icon mboy

    Started riding back in 1994 and used what my bike came with, which back then as was the norm, was 560mm flat bars with bar ends fitted… So not very wide! Still, quite a bit wider than the bars on my mates bike at the time, which had been trimmed to sub 500mm when he inherited it!

    Use 685mm or 710mm wide bars now, have tried riding bars wider but my shoulders just ain't that wide so it's more of a hindrance than a help.


    Just gone up from 650mm to 690mm. Huge difference but I think I can go wider.

    4ndy B

    625 on the Clockwork
    660 on the Orange 5
    700 on the Cube

    Generally prefer ~660, but liking the 700's on the Cube, even though they look a bit daft


    750mm Easton Havoc on the Pitch and 660mm on the Inbred.

Viewing 8 posts - 41 through 48 (of 48 total)

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