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  • How was your ride today?
  • Premier Icon matther01
    Free Member

    Did 2-3 hours around Brocton and Cannock off piste and really enjoyed today. Weather was excellent and met some nice runners and mtbers. Not even an OTB into a bog leaving me, my bike…and now my car stinking could dampen my spirits.

    Great stress relief for my impending job application. 🙂

    How was yours?

    Premier Icon plumber
    Free Member

    An hour around the local woods and back just in time for the start of the tour. Bloody great day 🙂

    Premier Icon danielgroves
    Free Member

    Wet. Very very wet.

    Premier Icon chvck
    Free Member

    It was most excellent!

    Premier Icon muddodger
    Free Member

    Had a wet 25 road miles this morning, just back in time for the start of the Tour

    Premier Icon mtbfix
    Full Member

    I took the opportunity to fettle instead. Bike has been built for over a year and at last the steerer is cut to length.

    Premier Icon Alex
    Full Member

    First ride back after a week in the alps. Alps – no proper crashes. Today on my local stuff – but being shown a new trail – ended up OTB on a rock step that apparently the ‘line is to the left’, Useful information but delivered a little late 😉 Bruised ribs, banged my monged shoulder, treated it with beer. Still a damn good day to ride in the sunshine.

    We even missed a localised thunderstorm by staying int the pub 🙂

    Premier Icon Russell96
    Full Member

    Out in the Clwyds, lots of sunshine with a 15 minute hailstorm in the middle for that invigorating pummelled feeling.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash
    Full Member

    Went out on the road bike feeling not in the mood, ended up staggering back in from a 53 mile ride with tired legs and a big grin on my face. Big climb in the middle, followed by some delicious fruitcake at the café stop, and average speed pretty good given the climb.

    Then I uploaded it to Garmin Connect and discovered that a mate of mine up in Manchester has been sneaking out at 6am the last few weekends and banged out some 60, 70 and today a 100 mile ride.

    Which must be why he is suggesting the C2C in one day next June….. 👿

    Premier Icon pbooker1995
    Free Member

    I was up bright and early in Llanberis! 4:30am start and down by 7:30 after climbing Snowdon then riding down. Would recommend it to anyone!

    Premier Icon Cheezpleez
    Full Member

    First ride for a couple of weeks as I’ve been on family hols. A lovely couple of hours on Leith hill and then a surprise front wheel washout in a puddle and a twatted knee. It’s left me almost unable to walk and wondering whether to go to A&E. Bugger.

    Premier Icon mattk
    Free Member


    Went for a 1hr fast cx training ride but couldn’t find my normal helmet so used my pisspot instead. I think it actually baked my skull.

    Was good though!

    Premier Icon torsoinalake
    Free Member

    Similar to MoreCashThanDash went out on the road bike. Not feeling it for the first hour or so. Then ended up doing 130km.

    As an ending to the ride, 50m from turning into my driveway, some knob in a burgundy Honda atrocity pushes past me. Parked cars on both sides, and he takes a gap in front of a driveway to overtake. Unbelievable. I don’t normally rise to it, but I called him a rude word and gave him the coffee beans.

    Premier Icon CheesybeanZ
    Full Member

    Got soaked in the FoD over Ellwood area ,we get back to the pedalaway centre and its bone dry -coffee and cake in the sunshine 🙂

    Premier Icon Rorschach
    Free Member

    Racing xc at NyA.Hot,dusty and faaast (and a little rowdy at times).

    Premier Icon neilsonwheels
    Free Member

    Stunning Sunday roadie club run. The best part of 70 with a hilly start and then an epic 20 mile chaingang on the flat to top it off. Painful but really enjoyable.

    Premier Icon Bustaspoke
    Free Member

    Did the same as yesterday,one hour road ride in the West Lancs sunshine.
    Dodgy knee’s been aching for a few weeks so I’ve hardly done any cycling,seems alright now though! 😀

    Premier Icon ticsmon
    Full Member

    Awesome. Moel famau

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg
    Full Member

    A lumpy 70k in the sunshine

    Premier Icon MrOvershoot
    Full Member

    Russell96 – Member

    Out in the Clwyds, lots of sunshine with a 15 minute hailstorm in the middle for that invigorating pummeled feeling.
    Ah the Clwyds wake up shower 😀

    Premier Icon fatsimonmk2
    Free Member

    Drizzle all the way round very busy with horse riders,dog walkers and rather a lot of mountain bikers(which is VERY NOT the norm)not a bad ride all in all,then went out for a pootle with the missus and the boy to try out the trail gator on the missus bike and fell off in a big patch of nettles oww!!!! 😥

    Premier Icon Jeffus
    Free Member

    Very hot and great fun , Offas Dyke into Llandegla forest rainbow route , quick brew and back home , sweating lots tis awesome to have great weather.

    Premier Icon dpfr
    Full Member

    The standard hour from home up the Goyt Valley to get the legs turning over again after a month off the bike, ill. Just happy to be out again.

    Premier Icon leafylane
    Free Member

    Did a nice 20 miles in local woods and country park finished off with sneaky in Olympic venue which is coming along nicely

    Premier Icon stu170
    Free Member

    Brilliant peaks trip, cut gate both ways, potato alley and hagg farm descent (normally walk up it), riding well again and glorious sunshine, bit busy up there as there was a sportive or something like that on

    Premier Icon Northwind
    Full Member

    Good bash around innerleithen today, pretty short but fun. Excellent combination of dry fast bits and greasy puckery bits.

    Premier Icon h4muf
    Free Member

    Cutgate to the Tdf baby!

    On the way back it was like a nomadic tribe,magic!

    Premier Icon gee
    Free Member

    Usual 100 miles/7.5hrs off road round the Surrey Hills! Great to be back on the trails after 3 months away racing every weekend.

    Premier Icon saxabar
    Free Member

    A very ‘sociable’ spin around the Marin. Not complaining after what has been a packed week of riding. In foul mood at beginning of week. All is now well with the world!

    Premier Icon jeffl
    Full Member

    More of a night ride for me but technically finished today. Left home at 8:30pm and arrived back at 4am after riding around curbar, calver, chatsworth etc. just in time to see the sun rise. Bit tired on 2 hours sleep but well worth it 🙂

    Premier Icon anono
    Full Member

    Close to perfect. 3 hours round Swiss side of mossettes – clear skies and lots of downhill for not much pedalling. Then dropped down into les lindarets for lunch – a couple of hours in chatel bike park before heading back to the chalet via a stop for beers at lake montriond. Bbq and a few more beers finished the day off quite nicely.

    Premier Icon woody21
    Free Member

    Got stung, scratched and chased by bullocks on an over grown bridleway near Winster (Derbyshire) – just a mere 17mls

    Premier Icon julzm
    Free Member

    Wee bits of kirroughtree red and black in the sunshine with tired legs after an epic whinlatter yesterday. Weather great, grin factor even better.

    Premier Icon mcnultycop
    Full Member

    MTB on road to Windy Hill, then joined the masses over to Blackstone Edge.

    Premier Icon slackalice
    Free Member

    Brilliant 28mile XC ride with daftvader north of Basingstoke, I was following, so please excuse the lack of specifics, however, it was a fab ride, sunshine, light summer shower which coincided beautifully with our path being sheltered by a long copse of trees 8) . He’s a very good and clever guide to arrange that indeed!

    Premier Icon rob8624
    Free Member

    Awesome, took the old VW van and bike 30mins up the road for a few laps of Cwm Rhaeadr!

    If you haven’t been there. Do it. Go NOW…go on…go on!!! 😀

    Premier Icon yunki
    Free Member

    sweet and functional

    took the kids into town in the trailer to the supermarket which is pretty much part of the daily routine..

    what was unusual is that we didn’t faff about, I didn’t make them endure a pointless drag along the seafront or along the cycle track.. we just got into town, shopped and went home..

    the ambience was enhanced by an ace shower of rain which we viewed from the canopy of a bakery in town, and the fact that when we went downstairs, the guy doing the gardening in the communal gardens outside our block of flats was a bloke from my tutor group at school who I haven’t seen for 25 years and we had a proper good chinwag..

    proper xc ride tomorrow evening 🙂

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