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  • How unpleasant is an endoscopy?
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    I’ve had three, throat spray each time as I didn’t fancy the anaesthetic hangover – first two fine but the last seemed to trigger tears galore. Poor nurse must have thought I was having some kind of snake/throat violation breakdown.

    Just concentrate on breathing, it’s all done and dusted pretty quickly.

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    Didn’t have spray or sedation

    Perks of being a fluffer, I suppose 😆

    I had an ERCP which involves injecting a contrast into the pancreas and a series of sectional X-rays. I had spray and Midazolam. I can still remember the girthy, ribbed tube being drawn out of my mouth. God knows what it would’ve been like without the super benzo. Recovery was overnight along with oxygen and regular ob’s. The decision is yours but the tube is thicker than you’d imagine.


    Well, I had it today.
    I’d all but decided on sedation but realised this morning that it was going to screw up everyone else’s day if they had to come pick me up, and also I could do with going into work this afternoon, so I went for throat spray.
    It was pretty unpleasant to be honest, but having it all over and done within 5 minutes (and just walking out afterwards) was worth it. Once you’ve swallowed it, it’s not too bad (never thought I’d type that sentence) – a bit of gagging but as BoomBip says you just concentrate on the breathing and it ain’t too bad (even when they have to re-do the biopsies).
    Thanks for all the advice.


    Sedation Defo. Had a cystoscopy with just a numbing gel, stung for days afterwards and stung like mad when they inserted it.

    Sigmoidoscopy and botox up my arse 1 under General, had it done at 1100 home for 1500.
    Sigmoid oscopy and botox 2 under sedation and fentanyl. Couldn’t remember anything or feel anything. Recovery for half hour, ward for an hour and home.

    You pay your National insurance, so use the wonder drugs. Fentanyl is good, it’s used in conjunction with propofol to induce you for surgery.

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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