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  • How tough is my Yeti asr5c?
  • mildred

    Going to France soon and just found my virtually un-ridden Marzocchi forks are faulty. They’re on my Nicolai “big bike”, which is my 1st choice for the Alps.

    They’ve been returned under warranty, but I don’t know the timescales involved, so I’m contemplating taking my Yeti ASR5c.

    Its built with Revelation Teams set at 130mm, but can lengthen them to 150mm, Mavic 819’s, a reverb & a 1×10 SLX drivetrain. I’ve got some bigger volume tyres I can put on, or even some ex823’s (not sure on the tyre clearance with these).

    Now, I’ve been going to the Alps over 10 years now, and like to ride anything and everything, without having to nurse the bike too much (I’m 15 stone kitted, but quite smooth). I don’t mind that the Yeti will be a lot skittier than the Nic’, but will it be tough enough? Am I likely to kill it?

    I’ve seen the santa cruz video of them testing their carbon frames, but wondered if anyone had any real-world experience of a carbon Yeti? Will this frame be strong enough for some pretty hard riding with the forks set to 150mm, or will I spread the head tube? etc…


    You’re just showing off.
    A Nicolai and a Yeti ASR5c?
    You need to give them both to me and I’ll lend you my 575.


    I doubt very much that I’ll ever be able to buy them again… I was thinking of combining the two into one do-it-all, but looking at current prices I just couldn’t afford to.

    Only one way to find out 😆

    Premier Icon bigjim

    I’d be amazed if you kill it, but I wouldn’t run it at 150.

    Premier Icon scaled

    Could you not put the revs up to 150 and put them on the Nicolai? Depends how ‘big’ it is i suppose.

    Just the other day i was thinking i need some spare forks for when mine are away for servicing, just an idea 😉

    Premier Icon jimmy

    Took my Asr5 to the alps and preferred it by miles to the SC driver 8 I hired for a day. Next time we went I rode the yeti all week – I have the same forks and wound out to 150, well, it was just ace. I’ve raced it downhill and enduro in Kinlochleven which imo is probably the toughest event on your bike – rocks and sandy mud in abundance.

    Wait, yours is the full carbon Version…? Errr… :-/

    I am surprised at how much abuse my ASR-5 (alloy) has coped with. After all, it’s a <6lbs 125mm XC frame, at heart. As above, it feels ace at high speeds. I’ve just had it at 140mm with Revs. I wouldn’t think the carbon one is any different, stronger if anything.

    I took mine to the alps a couple of years ago without any issues, and I’m planning to take it again this year. If anything, most of the alps riding I’ve done has often been more forgiving than the nadgery stuff in the peak that I usually ride. The only thing I don’t like doing on it is sending big jumps / drops – so I wouldn’t take it to the more ‘bike park’-type resorts (Morzine/Les Gets/Chatel/Whistler etc). That’s more out of mechanical sympathy than actual experience, though.

    Having said that, if I had the option of a bigger bike, I’d definitely take that. Can’t you get your forks fixed sooner / borrow some / stick the Revs on the Nicolai?


    Which Marzocchi forks?

    Premier Icon Paceman

    Check if your frame warranty covers you for running 150mm forks on the Yeti.


    130mm max on a carbon asr5-c? could be wrong
    On a brighter note i had one and it out up with my bulk hammering it around very well!

    I think they ‘uprated’ the warranty to allow 140mm on the carbon at some stage, I could be wrong though. It’s definitely 140mm on the Alloy version.

    The fork travel limit is a load of bullshit though – it’s more to do with ‘intended use’ than any stress a particular fork puts on the frame. You can buy a 150mm fork with a small A-to-C and use a low stack headset – compare this with a 140mm fork with longer axle to crown, less sag and a big headset etc. The head angle etc is more aggressive at 140mm – ergo the travel limit is stupid.

    Besides, when you send your frame back to Yeti, how could they possibly prove that you’ve used a 150mm rather than 140mm fork?


    I wouldnt put the forks at 150mm, warranty wont cover it, even if its out of warranty, Yeti have said they shouldnt be run with that much travel. And I believe the Carbon ASR is 130mm max..
    I havent ridden my ASR5 in the Alps but done the Blacks at Bike park wales and it coped pretty well.


    My Nicolai is a Helius ST and the forks are 170mm 55RC3ti V2. The Revelations wouldn’t be suitable for the frame and would lower the BB height too much.

    The issue with the marz’ forks is that the nickel plating is degrading and bubbling up just under where the wiper seal sits. They’ve only been used a couple of times since buying them (a set up ride & a lengthier trail ride), and to be fair, I’ve never seen or heard of this happening before – I’ve had 44’s, 55’s & 66’s with this coating without issues.

    I’m wondering whether this is the dangers of buying older stock, that have maybe been sat on a shelf for a couple of years?? just pondering as my Revs had a lot of ‘ghosting’ where the wiper seal sat, and they were bought NOS.

    Anyway, Yeti state in the instruction manual that the ASR5c is suitable for 120mm & 140mm forks, and include geometry charts for both.

    I have, however, read a few reviews from the USA web forums, magazines etc. that have used the Revelation set at 150mm and no one reports any issues.

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