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  • How to stop scumbags nicking your saddle
  • allthepies

    cable lock through the seat rails and frame ?

    taking it with you not an option i take it?

    I take mine off and i can even see my bike from where i sit


    Take it as a warning and make sure the rest of your bike is secured very well.

    Premier Icon woody2000

    Pinhead, spendy though


    How about seeing if you can get a reverse thread nut and bolt to throw them a little.
    Or a large head torx bolt.


    super glue a bearing in the socket cap.


    If it was one of my nice bikes then your absolutely right – they never leave my field of view. But this one is an oldish entry level boardman racer with no upgrades. Iv been hapily leaving it locked up in town for over a year now for pub duty using a motorbike chain left in situ. Its nice to be able to do this and walk off with nothing to carry and only one lock to worry about.

    to be honest Im prepared to pay for the odd cheepy saddle now and again to do this – but some sort of harder to remove bolt would be a bonus. I was thinking of a torx bolt as being an improvement on Alan key as a scroat deterrent – but was wondering if there are any anti-theft devices better than this available?

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    a qr with a screw in lever?


    If its an Hex bolt, could you not replace this with a Torq one?
    I’ve replaced pretty much every Hex bolt on my town bike with Torq ones, its amazing what your could otherwise strip from a bike with just a couple of Hex keys 🙁


    Stick a bearing in the allen key bit, using candle wax to hold it in? Then use a lighter to get in out..

    small cable lock through saddle rails and linked through another main lock or to the frame as mentioned before or again, a torx bolt.


    Lots of good ideas
    I particularly like the idea of a qr with a screw in lever

    I’ve got these. A tenner or so from most places.

    Keep the key on your keyring or in bike bag. Not many bike scrotes have 5 sided allen keys. The seat collar thingy is bodgeable onto many seatclamps: luckily went straight onto mine when I took the qr lever and thumwheel off. Won’t stop a thief unbolting your saddle from the top of the seatpost but then you could go crazy fiting security bolts all over a bike and someone would still find something they could undo if they had the time or inclinaton.

    I use the pitlock/pinhead things which seem to work quite well.

    I’ve seen people use old chains too, like this…

    (not on a full sus tho!)

    Premier Icon Cougar

    Security Torx bolts? Need a special driver to remove. (Easy enough to obtain, but unlikely to be in the pocket of your average scrote)

    EDIT – or what Julian said.


    Ideas plaese as mine has just gone – along with seatpost and saddle bag.
    Have replaced with QR saddle bag so that wont be left again.

    Can you get bolts for the seat clamp that require something other than an allen key to remove?

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)

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