How to service or change bearings on a Formula rear hub?

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  • How to service or change bearings on a Formula rear hub?
  • Ive noted a bit of play in the rear wheel of my bike that feels to be coming from the hub.

    Its an unbranded and unmarked part but the bike spec says it is a Formula, 142 x 12 running an XD driver.

    Ive tried the formula website but there isn’t anything about servicing on there.

    Anyone know how to break these down? I’m hoping it is a sealed cartridge bearing.



    I gave up with mine, ended up having to buy a replacement rear wheel, they seem to be designed as a stop-gap – they last just long enough to get from shop floor to the new owner and have a couple of rides before something goes wrong. OEM supplier, so they have no need to provide spares or customer support.

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    Don’t know about newer ones but Formula hubs often require an odd size allen key that usually isn’t in the normal tool kits.

    I had a generic Formula hub and had to get, I think, an 11mm key to unscrew the freehub.

    Rest of it is just like most hubs, knock/pull the bearings, push new ones in.

    Also, see

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    Hubs are normally either push fit (e.g. Hope) or the axle has some form of threading holding the end caps one. Take the cassette off and inspect the axle. I suspect you find two spanner flats on one end (disc side) and some way of turning the end cap on the other end. For QR axles the bore tends to a allen key socket so you use an allen key on one side and spanner on the other.

    Play could be worn bearings or could just be the threaded caps have come loose.


    The Whyte branded ones on my bike appeared to be Formula. Loose bearings, just needed a cone spanner.

    Utter horseshit. Bearing surfaces were pitted after about 3 months riding.

    The best bearing replacement I found was to use ones from a DT350, whilst also replacing the freehub with one from a DT350. As well as the hub shell, axle, and seals from a DT350. Since then I’ve had zero problems.


    The sealed bearing ones are simple enough to take apart. Just take out the bearing and have a measure  up.

    Often the thread on axle cap will unscrew clock wise but normally it makes loosen with an arrow.

    What bike was yours on op ?

    Formula: no focus onto the end-customer at all. Difficult to get information / spares.

    I buy bikes with Formula hubs – and try to service them / re-grease them as long as possible. But I don’t spend too much time when there is “more trouble” (Formula is lousy quality) – rotten Formula stuff I replace with DT 370 hubs / custom wheels (if you like have a look at the configuration page from . This place I use to get my replacement wheels. Around 100 bucks for a wheel (in combination with FunWorks rims))

    Came on a Cannondale Habit, the SE Carbon version so not bottom of the range by any means.


    One cap pulls off other unscrews, bit of a tap the rest comes apart. Bearings are a standard size can’t remember what size but lbs had them in stock so can’t be that rare or unobtainable.

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