How To Secure A Reverb/Dropper Post

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  • How To Secure A Reverb/Dropper Post
  • skybluestu

    About to join the world of reverb!

    Given that q/r clamp should now be redundant thinking of getting a more secure collar. What do people use, just an allen key clamp or something more secure bolt wise given the value of the thing?

    Rather oddly, I use a Hope QR for mine. Just as it was on the bike already, and haven’t changed it.

    One thing that does spring to mind is that there’s a potential with a bolt through to really overtighten it, either damaging the post, or perhaps leaving it more susceptible to breaking in case of a big stack. QR seems good on that last case for me so far! 🙂

    Same as CFH – my Five had a QR fitted to it and I’ve not seen the point/been faffed to change it for anything else. Plus if I’m stripping the bike to shove in the boot (and keeping the back seats up) then having the post QR as well as the Maxle front and rear axles makes things quicker.

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    Hope clamp with bolt rather than QR. Like you say, once fitted no need to adjust. Save a few grams.

    Never given any thought to making it more secure. Likely if someone was that driven they would just take the bike.


    Just a standard clamp here. I’m sure there’s a case to be made for something more secure, but where are you going to draw the line? After all, someone could have my front wheel and forks away for the price of undoing 2 bolts and cutting a hose. Spare brake calliper free with that too!

    Premier Icon The Pinkster

    I’m using a bolt clamp and an amazing new invention called a torque wrench to stop over-tightening – something that is quite easy to do with a QR lever as you have no method of measuring the force it’s applying.

    Especially as they’re quite specific how many Nm should be applied to the clamp on a Reverb.

    t-p 26

    Surely the allen bolt would only be tightened to the same pressure as a quick release to stop the `post turning,because you can get the correct torque on an allen key rather than forcing the q/r to close?
    Or am I alone in thinking this….


    The QR lever on my bike has a neat little notch cut out of it specifically designed to allow you to run the dropper cable through it when you close the clamp. Stops it flapping about so havent bothered changing it for a bolt on collar.

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