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  • How to repair wooden door threshold?
  • cakefest

    Have chiselled out some rot at edge of wooden door threshold and looking to repair it and make good. Any thoughts on next steps?

    How do I fill the hole, and what with? It’s about 30mm deep and 60mm wide.

    How do I repair the upright part of frame? Filler??

    Pic here:

    P1060622.JPG by cakefest, on Flickr

    Should look like this on the other side:

    P1060623.JPG by cakefest, on Flickr

    me personally- new door frame, but iam a joiner


    How long you want it to last

    Repair is a new frame and not neglecting it . Not as hard as you think

    Making it last another few years – wood hardener and resin filler. + proper stain – butinox or similar.


    As above, wood hardner, then car body filler held in by screws or nails put in below the surface of the good wood and into the large cavities, fill it up a few times then sand flat, pleny of wood stain or decent paint, not crap water based ones.


    As above, if you’re planning to stay a while or have a ‘be perfect’ driver, replace/renew the frame and threshold – if it’s a standard size door, you’ll find most builder’s merchants will have inward opening softwood frames with hardwood thresholds ex stock and are around £40 or so IIRC.

    On the other side of the coin, proprietary resin body filler and sandpaper will do it.


    cut the post square into good wood. Ditto the threshold. Scarf in the new post, at an angle an into threshold. Maybe create slot to open side so it slides in. Graft in new threshold. Got a door like that that dunno how long its been there but it was there when we moved in 13 years ago. Rock solid.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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