How to repair wooden door rot?

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  • How to repair wooden door rot?
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    wood hardener and then lots of filler.

    rub the paint down around it before you start so the filler at the edges has somethign to grip.


    Cut/chisel out the dodgy section and cut/chisel a replacement section. Then finish with a small amount of filler.


    Wouldn’t the best solution be to use hardener/filer on the back section and replace the horizontal bottom brace piece? That looks pretty knackered…

    Maybe a 2nd hand door would be more cost efficient than shelling out for hardener – which is pretty expensive – and the ancillaries to repair? Just a thought.

    Buy a new door.

    Seriously – that’s fcuked across three separate sections. Even if you harden the rot first, the movement in the timber will crack it all back open the minute winter arrives.

    4 – the Drip Bar’s knackered too.


    From the way the timber has sunk close to the rot on the horizontal bar, I’d say you’ve got dry rot. I would be looking around for a new door or a proper metal/wood/metal door.

    But if you want to bodge it, then wood hardener and fill then wait for it to crack and more rain to penetrate.


    Need to keep costs low and repair this SW facing external door. I’ve stripped away the rotten wood that falls apart.

    What’s the best thing for me to do?

    P1060325.JPG by cakefest, on Flickr


    Like tbm said – I think if you can get the drip bar off, you will find more trouble underneath.


    Whatever repair you do is very likely to only put off the inevitable for a short time. New door I’m afraid – frame looks OK though.

    I’m afraid I’m with the “new door” people too.

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    It looks seriously weakened from the point of view of someone kicking in the lower panel to gain access to the house. Personally I’d replace or at least if you have to repair, brace the inside with some metal brackets / banding to reinforce it.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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