How to removed snapped barrel adjuster? (on down tube)

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  • How to removed snapped barrel adjuster? (on down tube)
  • twosheds

    Just about finished doing up an old trek road frame. Last problem are the two snapped barrel cable adjusters on the down tube. Snapped flush so can not get anything on to them. Guess they need drilling out, what sort of drill do I need and where can I get them?
    Thanks in anticipation of some help……..

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    You could try an EZ out, a reverse threaded tool that you would screw into the old barrel.


    I used a drill bit only slightly larger then fits in the centre hole. This drilled out enough meat so the remains broke free and mostly came out. Cleaned it out with a tap after and all back as good as new.

    The main issue is getting the drill in at the right angle, i didnt use my dremel as it was too high speed, even on low. Tapping is also slow process as you cant use the t-handle, so adjustable spanner 1/4 turn at a time.

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    I always start drilling bold our with a small bit then move on to larger ones – always smaller than the bolt itself! The remaining thin exterior of the bolt then usually breaks up. The Robles you might have depending on where these sit is getting a straight line in to drill down the centre of the bolt… As a result you may want to drill only a small hole and tap something in that fits very tightly and try and turn them.


    you might not need a drill, wodge anything you can into the hole in the top (a small phillips screwdriver, a braddle) and see it you can unscrew them out that way

    if that doesn’t work, then get drillin


    needle nose pliers

    step 1 jam 1 “needle” in and lefty loosy until it’s poking out a bit

    step 2 plier the bit poking out and carry on lefty loosy.


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