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  • How to remove forks – an idiots guide required please
  • Gooner
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    I need to know how to remove and refix forks for transporting my bike by air;

    if it makes any difference;

    Bike: Bullit
    Headset: Chris King
    Forks: Rockshox Boxer

    With the forks on the bioke is a little tight to get into my Neil Pryde bag


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    Do the forks have an integrated stem?

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    undo top allen key
    undo stem
    take all off
    lift frame and fork will fall on foot
    remember that taking the caliper off might have been a good idea
    take brake caliper off
    put all in bag
    repeat above process but not in the above order, ensure to squint and feel pretty sure that the bars aren’t straight
    fiddle with front brake for the first ride

    hope that helps?

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    as it’s a boxxer, MrN needs to add the bit about loosening & removing the upper crown

    for poor-peoples headsets you may need to give top of steerer a whack to start the fork moving & remove the conical washer thin in top of headset – dunno about Christaltips ones

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    dont bother removing crowns just slide the legs out from them, save yourself alot of hassle that way.

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    what’s holding the crowns in when steerer is removed – aren’t they “loose” then anyway ?

    surely there’s about 10 seconds’ difference between removing and not removing ?

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    Just undo the pinch bolts on the fork legs and remove the fork like that, leaving the crowns and headset on the bike. Lot easier than bothing with the faff of messing with/losing bits of your headset.

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