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  • How to quickly and legally get rid of an air gun?
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    Actually @brads the law did once demand that a person aged over 14 and under 18 could have with them an air rifle in public place as long as it was in a securely fastened cover so that it could not be fired. That went out of the window of course with the various amendments that restricted the use of firearms by under 18s. There was no such requirement for adults.

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    Remember, too, that it is now illegal to have an airgun – loaded or not – in a public place without lawful authority or reasonable excuse.

    Highlighted the pertinent point. I’m sure handing it in is reasonable in any terms. In any event that was always the case, it was just nobody cared particularly much.

    OP – I’d be happy to post it up on BBS or AGF on your behalf. I know the former has a probation before sales access is allowed but I don’t think the latter does, my first post was to offload a couple of grands worth of guns.

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    Many thanks for all the advice. I’ve now given it to a STW member who has made a donation.

    That’s one thing ticked off my very long list of things to sort out.

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    My son bought one from his mate and used it to shoot tins in the back garden , the neighbours shopped him and he has been charged and is expecting a fine shortly. Also charged with having ammo (pellets). Even slug guns as we call them need a license nowadays . The police came and picked up the rifle , they seemed to have a bit of a hard on for trying to prosecute the guy he got it from as well.
    We used to just walk about with them back in the 70’s and 80’s and no one ever batted an eyelid.

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    Stanfree: slug guns don’t need a license unless in Scotland. IF they are not especially dangerous, ie produce a muzzle energy of <12 ft/lbs or <6 ft/lbs for air pistols. If they exceed this they are considered Section 1 firearms.

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    I suspect from the wording “charged” that the incident did indeed take place in Scotland.

    They’ll be after the seller as they have played as great a part in the offence as stanfree’s son.

    Firearms legislation re air weapons in Scotland is viewed quite strictly.

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