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  • supersaiyan

    j3ffo – Member

    pun intended?


    This was my effort

    It’s the only romantic thing I’ve ever done, it worked though!
    Getting married two months tomorrow!


    UPDATE: we went for a walk around her favourite lake. I was going to do it on the way around but it was rather cold and blustery so I waited until we were on the way back to the car where we crossed a bridge. I told her I wanted to take a photo of the waterfall but pulled out a ring instead of my SLR.

    She said ‘yes’.

    I took some champers with me too but she suggested we go home and drink it later! 8) I agreed.



    but pulled out a ring instead of my SLR

    Someone else that calls their penis an SLR!


    Huge congratulations!!! Glad it went well and she said yes!!!

    Rachel x


    Nice one.

    Me: When very pissed after about 6 months of seeing my missus: “I’m not actually asking like, but just suppose, theoretically like, not that I am, but if I ever asked you to marry me what would you say? Not that I am mind, just a theoretical question”

    Her: “I’d say yes”

    Me: “Oh. Wow.”

    Got married two years later. Been married 22 years this year.

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)

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