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  • How to keep your drivetrain running nice?

    They’re fine.

    Some of this.

    Wipey wipe.

    A lot of the cleaning regimes above are perhaps overcomplicated, and while using GT85 as a lube on it’s own will eat your chain, as an interim between cleans with the cleaner, just spray some on, wipe, then use oil.

    The only absolutely proper way to clean your chain is the SHELDON BROWN METHOD.


    Every ride; degreasing wipe and relube, poke any bits out of cassette/jockey.

    Every couple of months or so; chain off, industrial degreaser, evaporate, relube.


    A combo of GT85 and Middleburn Cable Oilers (especially with one piece outers). Whilst GT85 might be thin as s–t its also very cheap, you just need to take 2 mins to apply it to the cables to push out the crap after every ride.

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    please tell me the SHELDON BROWN METHOD is just a joke! Does anyone actually do THAT!

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    please tell me the SHELDON BROWN METHOD is just a joke! Does anyone actually do THAT!


    (Mr MC posting)

    when I was a scientist I used to make use of the ultrasonic baths and acetone stored in my lab, came out looking new and the vibration displaced all the internal grit that causes the wear. Surpised Park Tool havent marketed one given they happily charge 15 quid for a disc rotor straightener (google image it) ❗ 🙄

    If you dont want to buy a chain cleaning device (we bought a Park Tool this summer, but whilst on holiday in US and on sale so it was cheap as chips) for the last couple of years I’ve used a nail brush that came in a christmas cracker, its perfectly sized for the cassette and makes a good job of the chain.


    Heh that Sheldon page is a ROFLCOPTER launch pad to be sure, but not far off what many on here seem to do..

    Seriously guys, just lube the chain every once in a while. Use the time saved to do REAL stuff like meet girls.

    >Lakes_Puma – Member

    >please tell me the SHELDON BROWN METHOD is just a joke! Does anyone actually do THAT!

    you think?! 😛


    I just spit on mine. Apparently it’s a very good lube.

    Hub gear, 10 second wipe & squirt most mornings, but live with most of the grit, and circulate three cheap chains.

    Here’s my regime:

    Wipe excess oil from chain
    Roughly wash bike
    Clean and lube jockeys
    Spray GT85 on the chain
    Wipe with cloth
    Run a generous amount of wet lube inside surface of the chain, never the outside, and spin the pedals to move it around

    GT85 is not a great lube, but it is very good at getting into the links, driving out water and helping to release mud, grit and old lube when you wipe the chain down. It also helps transport wet lube into the links where it is needed. And then it evaporates, leaving lube in-place. You must wipe surface oil away before starting the next ride or it will just draw grit into the links.

    Every now and then, it’s worth unlinking the chain was soaking in white spirit, wiping and then soaking in oil, and then wiping (a lot)


    I use tf2/gt85 for cleaning only, spay the chain then wipe off a few times until it’s cleanish then spray a cloth and wipe between the cogs (cass and chainset) dental floss style :mrgreen:
    Doesn’t take long to have it looking like new then some 3in1 to lube it.

    It’s the lube/grease between the roller & the pin that matters. I don’t use a chain cleaner, just apply lots of my chosen lube, wipe with cloth, repeat until I’m happy that the lube/wipe technique has removed as much of the surface dirt as possible. This means no degreaser penetrating the space between roller & pin removing the grease that stops the dirt getting in in the first place.


    Harry the spider has it spot on, works every time. I use exactly the same method.

    Does anyone use more than one chain? ie swap chains every month or so, while one’s on the bike the other is cleaned & left to soak in a drop of oil.

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