How to get the right chainline for an Alfine 11?

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  • How to get the right chainline for an Alfine 11?
  • drofluf

    I never thought about the chainline until I saw your post.

    I’ve had Alfines on 3 different bikes and just fitted it with the parts that were already on the bike. Chainline looks OK, not perfect but no issues.

    Running one 32:20 (MTB) and the other 46:20 (road)


    I had no end of problems, using a Middleburn Uno crankset. In the end I went through about three Shimano square taper BBs (cheap and so far very long lasting) from CRC before I got it right. Can your cranks fit an Uno chainring? If so and if you’re interested I’ll find out what width BB I ended up with.

    The spider is removable so I assume it’ll take an uno ring. I’m one (new) BB down so any info you’ve got would be appreciated, ta 🙂

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    What drofluf said. I just bolted mine together concentrating on making sure the chain wasn’t running on the (fat) tyre. I’ve since run it 2×11 with an Alfine tensioner.

    XT cranks, single ring on middle. Nexus sprocket, flipped. Perfect chainline everytime

    Alfine sprockets, flip in, and you need to flip it out.

    cheapish here

    A question for folks running Alfine 11 rear hubs. What set up, particularly cranks, axles, BB shell width are you running to get a workable chainline?

    IIRC the Alfine is supposed to have a chainline of 41 and a bit mm. I’m trying to get as close to that as possible, assuming it’s necessary. Tried a couple of cranks / BB / axle combinations recently on a frame with 68mm BB shell and they don’t look right:

    [*]Shimano XT octalink cranks on a 113 axle – inner tabs/ring seem to line up but that would mean a pretty small ring which I expect would give poor gear range.[/*]

    [*]Middleburn RS8 on a 118 axle with a two ring spider – rings too far out from frame, whichever tabs used. Cannot flip the spider as it’s machined to only fit one way.[/*][/list]

    Would really like to get the RS8s to work but would happily settle for getting either of the two (don’t want to buy more cranks) working.

    If you’re running it out-of-line how are you finding it?

    Also, what chainring / rear sprocket are you using?


    Hi, I’m using a 113mm wide BB


    Try this first to make sure it fits maybe? I’m assumng your crank takes a square taper! 🙂


    PS I’m using a Nexus sprocket!!

    I’m sensing the Nexus sprocket is a key component ;-), luckily I think I have one.

    Cheers all.


    I have just upgraded my commute bike to alfine 11 on dt Swiss to 540 rims.
    Looks a nice build from Simpson cycles.

    I had problems with alfine chainset, in that the integral axel was too short to stop the 39T chain ring and guard hitting the rear stays ( wide for 700×35 and mud guards)

    I used the existing shimano BB and cranks, onto which the alfine ring and guard fitted without problem.
    Any one want an alfine chain set without ring? (Cups, lh crank, integral crank and axel)

    Chain line to shimano 20T fine, gearing feels fine on quick trial run. 1st gear as bailout is very low :-), medium speed in traffic at gear 6.
    5 more gears to go!

    Gear cable has to be cable tied to frame as one pice from selector to gear, ow fine.

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