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  • how to get a print of a picture?
  • ton
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    took a photo over the weekend……would love a copy of it to put in a frame for the wall at home.

    how do i get a print of it?

    it is on my phone and on flickr

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    There’s a “wall art” option on Flickr where you can get your picture printed – not cheap if you want a big print but very good. Comes from the US so will take a week or so to arrive.
    I got one printed at 20in x 30in $99 plus another $49 for postage. cheaper than photobucket mind

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    1. Take your phone to Asda.
    2. Thrust phone at them and make an “Ug” sound, pointing at the photo you want printing.
    3. Go buy a cooked chicken.
    4. Return and collect your photo.
    5. Enjoy chicken and photo.

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    I’ve used DS Colourlabs numerous times, and they’ve been superb every time. Excellent prices, brilliant prints. Just select the size & type of print you want and upload the pic you want.

    Edit: for comparison to above, a 30″ x 20″ canvas print is £65, straight 30″ x 20″ photo print is a tenner.

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    How big does it need to be? Postcard size, just use Touchnote and send yourself a postcard.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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