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  • How to find a job
  • mrmo
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    Looks like i might be joining the list of redundancies soon, i have had this job since leaving Uni, so trying to think about what to do, i might get a relocation if i want, or i could look for work elsewhere.

    What would be the most sensible way forward, Local paper etc never seems to have to much in it. I don’t think walking now would be good, just starting the consultation and to much redundancy money to walk away early.

    and any advice on what to put in a CV? never been too hot at selling myself.

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    What do you do?
    What sector do you work in?
    What level are you at?
    What are your personal circumastances (i.e. do they permit you to move around)?

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    Jobserve is always a good start. Get signed up to a few good agencies and let them do the hard work for you. Also, use old contacts from uni and see if any old friend know of any positions going.

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    Data Analyst/CRM/admin/
    Profiled Steel for the construction industry
    tenant with long term partner.

    To be fair, i am not tied to where i live, my family is here etc, but there is nothing to stop me moving such as a house to sell.

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    IME good jobs come from contacts rather than advertised vacancies

    Free Member is a good place to look as for a job as well as post your CV.

    You might try and get a profile up on LinkedIn if you think it is relevant to your skill set. LinkedIn is a professional networking site and is good if you think that a job might come from a referral, from someone one of your friends/colleagus knows.

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    As what Uplink says, more likely to find it through contacts than any other means. I got made redundant last Wednesday and arranged an interview for both Thursday and Friday just by ringing existing customers and one of our main rivals. Mentioned it on here and a couple of folk have mailed suggestions through and mailed Ton last night after he ‘advertised’ on here somewhere! Just dropped off CV at my sister-in-laws firm as they are recruiting and hopefully have a head start there. Got a good redundancy package so with a bit of luck may find myself with a job to start and two months off on full pay!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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