How to find a good Physiotherapist

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  • How to find a good Physiotherapist
  • How do you do it? Is there a professional version of Tripadvisor, or is it a case of pot luck and asking the people you know who may have used one?

    At the weekend A&E patched me up and told me a need to see a physio in about 2weeks, but the wait for an NHS one may be too long.

    To back this up I was referred for Physio nearly 2 years ago for something different and am still waiting

    On a similar note, if anyone has details of someone they would recommend (and why) in the Salisbury, Ringwood, Bournemouth, Poole area please feel free to add them here


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    Always just gone off personal recommendations and taken it from there. What impresses me is a clear rehab plan from the physio – do these things, then come back, typically takes this long, if no progress we need do this etc etc. Found a few to be surprisingly vague in this department, makes you worry of they’re formulating a financial plan, rather than a health plan.

    I’m also a bit wary of PTs who have strong views on their way being best (esp if their way is obv unorthodox) – you prob need elements of this to be any good in any profession, but physio is no place for narrow perspectives.
    There’s a guy who operates over the road from me, so is v convenient, but sees everything in terms of posture. Like no injury can be treated without first considering the patient’s office chair. This is not so unreasonable, posture is clearly fundamental, and he’s never going to be out of work dealing with it. But for obv cycling related stuff I go elsewhere as it wasn’t the right approach for me.

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