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  • I’ve ordered over £100 of stuff from a website, it all looks genuine enough and I’m sure the business is real.

    However, after a couple of order update emails stating my stock had been allocated and then arrived in the workshop to be prepped, its all gone quiet. No response to my emails for over 14 days, one of their numbers is permanently engaged and the other goes into a small automated call system where every option is unanswered.

    I will be calling my card company tomorrow but is there any way of finding out if the company has ceased trading. I’ve done some googling and can’t find any reports/complaints from other customers.


    Companies house if it’s registered.


    thanks, useful links.

    From duedil, its not looking particularly hopeful, parent company wound up last year, this subsidiary states financial statements too old.


    Financial staements usually a year behind. Companies House will tell you if it still an active company (ie. still exists as a legal entity and has not been wound up) this is not the same as still trading of course.
    Where are they, anyone here pop round to have a look?

    Was the company called “Arse Tickler’s Faggots Fan Club”?

    Well seeing as if they are still around, their customer service is abysmal so it is:

    Tough Locks Ltd
    Units 1-3, 52 Stainbeck Road, Leeds LS7 2QY

    I found their ebay profile and have tried an alternative mobile number, first time it was unanswered, after that it was turned off/no reception.

    Anyone drive down Stainbeck road on their way to work? Is the front door open?!

    Just checking companies house but apparently it can be quite a while before its updated.

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    you paid 100 quid to a company called ToughLuck :-)?

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    Just checked, showing as an active company but not filed accounts in 2010 or 2011 …



    Call a neighbouring company and ask them if there is comings and goings…

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    Leeds – I know just the fella…

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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