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  • how to change orange 5 pivot bearings…
  • maggsy99

    looking to change pivot bearings myself on my orange 5 is there any special way of changing these bearings…..

    Premier Icon votchy

    Remove chainset, remove shock pivot from swing arm (protect seattube with piece of cloth to prevent swingarm chipping paint), remove dust covers, loosen pinch bolt on one side, hit swingarm with a rubber mallet on the big welded area above the loosened pinch bolt, this pushes opposite bearing off stub axle, retighten pinch bolt and loosen opposite side and again hit side with loosened bolt, repeat this several times to fully drift bearings off stub axle, refitting is the reverse although the new bearings can be drifted on to stub axles using a suitable drift, centralise swingarm and retighten pinch bolts, refit dust covers, refit shock, refit chainset then go rag it over the hills 😀


    think there is a video on oranges site


    and breathe


    Hey maggsy! If you want I can give you some decent bearings to go into your frame for free.

    My emails in my profile if your interested just get in touch.


    votchy!! thanks very much for the info changed bearings today very easy cheers….

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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