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  • How to add weight to your bike

    And can do 20 mph…… Like bikes don’t at times.


    I actually thought it was quite a nice approach to the electric bike…

    If we all agree that there is safety in numbers then the more people who cycle the better. if this helps someone make a journey they wouldn’t by bike (because of distance, steepness, arriving at work sweaty and tired etc) then surely its a good thing.


    One less car? If so I’m all in favour of it.

    oh i quite liked the idea.
    self contained, assists only when pedals turn, wireless, re-gen braking, and its as simple as wheel change to turn your assisted commuter into you weekend hardtail.
    i dont have need for and electric bike (you cant commute with a cement mixer) but if i did i would be looking in this direction


    would be interesting to try one out and see just how much of an assist it provides.

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    I think it’s a fantastic idea. My commute is up a big hill then down the other side; if I could pedal consistently for the duration instead of exploding from exertion uphill and freewheeling downhill it would be the best thing ever.

    A common reason (/excuse) why people don’t cycle is that Britain is often a hilly place; anything that smooths out the effort required is surely a good thing.


    double post


    weight = 5.9kg


    also does not fit 27.5″ (apparently no need as they pedal themselves)

    Reinvented wheel?

    Electric motor wheels aren’t a new thing, I had a blast on one years ago, was good fun but not as good as a proper electric bike.

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    It has an SDK – woo!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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