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  • How thick!
  • Premier Icon Captain-Pugwash
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    Watching local program where people are bypassing gas and electricity meters. Every house they went to had bills of around £10 a year….. Really you might have thought that could attract attention.

    Premier Icon deadlydarcy
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    A neighbour of mine is a plumber and turns his meter around for a few weeks in every billing period. If you’re going to do it, you ought to do it that way really.

    Premier Icon ninfan
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    Ah, you’ll get the old buggers reminiscing about student days with plasticine moulds for 50p pieces made of ice in a minute :mrgreen:

    Jumpers for goalposts etc!

    Premier Icon wrightyson
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    That’s why you can sell spare meters for decent money. Our plumber went to a row of just built houses, meters had been fitted a week or so. He was there to do the connections, seven had been pinched from the meter box.

    Premier Icon tinribz
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    “This is a huge problem, we believe that perhaps £500m worth of gas and electricity is stolen across the industry each year.

    “In terms of what that means for the customers, it’s potentially £30 a year on their bills and it’s money they shouldn’t have to pay.”

    Inside Out was shown examples of bicycle inner tubes being used to divert supply.

    It’s one way to recycle em.

    Premier Icon brakes
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    we believe that perhaps £500m worth of gas and electricity is stolen across the industry each year.

    it’s less than the robbin bastids take off us every year…

    Premier Icon SD-253
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    I am told by a metre fitter it is not impossible but almost so to fiddle digital meters. So bypassing looks to be the only option. Meter man was here today I think last time was 2 years ago. Meter in garage so I suppose it is possible for me to bypass without it being seen.

    Premier Icon takisawa2
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    Now there’s a thread about the great furniture robbery that’s seeing folk crowding onto the moral high ground (several have fell / been pushed), so anyone with any knowledge of the fiddling of meters had better turn the perps in, or face the furniture mob.

    Premier Icon wrightyson
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    My meter is in the lounge. Been tempted but don’t fancy getting it wrong and blowing up the house and family…

    Premier Icon kevj
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    I read a news article last year about stopping water meters illegally which contained a link to a Russian/ eastern block site which sold strong magnets.

    I can’t remember the exact blurb, but it went along the lines of “Prevent water thieves stealing water, if you want to learn how they do it, click this link for details”. Made me chuckle 😆

    Premier Icon mattbibbings
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    When I was a student living in a house of 10 guys one of our housemates dads came over with a carrier bag with something heavy in it. He asked if we wanted to pay more or less for our leccy bill. Being skint students we of course opted for the latter.

    He went down to the meter and attached a shoebox-sized box to it with a couple of wires and the meter wheel stopped 😯

    It used to get mighty hot, that box.he came over once a month to disconnect it for a few days so we would register a small bill.

    I think back on it now and wonder how we were never caught/arrested/burned in our sleep.

    Premier Icon phiiiiil
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    I can’t remember the last time either of our meters got read by someone other than me. The chaps who come round when we’re not in just ask to leave the readings in the window, so I wouldn’t even have to bother with any meter faffing!

    Damn my scruples.

    Premier Icon Captain-Pugwash
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    I didn’t start the post about moral high ground, it’s not about fiddling meters, fuel and electricity is expensive.
    I should have added a £10 a year bill is going to attract attention if your going to fiddle a meter at least have a bill that doesn’t ask too many questions.

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