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  • How tall are you?
  • ChunkyMTB


    My arms are longer than Al’s..

    I’m a dwarf but at least I’m happy

    Premier Icon philtricklebank


    Please don’t let them ban 29ers.


    Gotta be a shorty. That’s why he doesn’t like jeans. It’s OK flashy, turnups are in fashion now.

    He strikes me as the sort of (short) chap who would have his tailor run up trousers that didn’t require turning up. As for ‘De Nimes’ being the Devil’s Cloth – there were many London District regiments who held that belief and forbade anyone from wearing it. However, I doubt the Flashmeister was ever tall enough for the Guards 😀

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    0.361 of a perch

Viewing 5 posts - 201 through 205 (of 205 total)

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