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  • How sore are your legs?
  • Premier Icon iDave
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    This morning I did my first ever half marathon, the Ironbridge one, which included a nasty hill. Then rode 38 miles home at a decent lick. Legs are somewhat tender.

    Premier Icon Lawmanmx
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    yup, plenty of leg pain here too 🙁

    Premier Icon MSP
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    Very sore.

    Crashed the mountain bike last week and bashed my knee up, then this morning carrying some stuff up from the cellar, tripped up and bashed my knee again, right in the centre of the bruise from last week, it now looks like I have an ostrich egg growing from my knee.

    Premier Icon warton
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    my legs are always sore…

    Premier Icon mboy
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    Spent the best part of 3 hours today trying to keep up with a national XC champion…

    They’ve felt better!

    Premier Icon anagallis_arvensis
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    My left leg is very sore following hip surgery but the tramadol codeine double wammy is going well.

    Premier Icon gee
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    Biggest ever riding week… 25hrs… Feeling very sore and tired now. REST time….

    Premier Icon muddydwarf
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    Just done a 40+ mile ride with some 4’000+ft of ascent – my legs are fine but my ‘arris feels like i’ve come 2nd in an arse-kicking-with-clogs contest!

    Premier Icon MaryHinge
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    Did 80k on the bike and 7k run earlier in the week, and just did a PB 45:00 10k race this morning.

    So yup, nice sore legs here too.

    Swim club at 8:30 – 10:00 tonight 🙂

    Sounds like you had a tough day iDave, nice one? Dare I ask your HM time? My best so far (out of only 2) is 1:49:34.

    Premier Icon _tom_
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    Quite sore and Im not sure why. Last weekend i had an awesome fast road ride after a week on the mtb round Wales, somehow my legs felt really fresh that day. Had a fairly easy week in comparison but today my legs felt sore and sluggish for the whole ride :\

    Premier Icon plop_pants
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    After 160 miles in Belgium on Saturday (Flanders) and a rapid 70 today on the club chain gang I’m stuffed!

    Premier Icon BoardinBob
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    Were sore but i spent an agonising half hour rolling them earlier and theyre much better

    Premier Icon Northwind
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    Mine aren’t sore, just made of jelly. Yesterday’s ride went bigger than planned, today’s went slower than planned.

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager
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    Pretty toasted. Rode out to Castleton from Manchester on the trails – lovely ride with the weather. Had a just-one-more pint situation which meant missing the train back from Hope. Sporadic service, so I ended up riding over to Whaley Bridge to get the next one. Climb out of Castleton with two pints sloshing inside me was misery, layed on the grass verge at the top like an invalid.

    Premier Icon iDave
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    1:41 HM, disappointed with it, but it’s in the middle of a hard training block. Yet to learn run pacing.

    About to do a bit of foam rolling.

    Premier Icon trailmonkey
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    very, thigh tear at 5 a side two weeks ago.

    probably need to let harry know i won’t be fit for the euros.

    Premier Icon DezB
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    They’re ok today, but I’ve got first 5-a-side (actually, 4-a-side) game in 3 weeks at lunchtime. Tomorrow they are going to be agony.

    Premier Icon hugor
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    Struggling with recovery at the moment as this fine weather has me riding too much.

    Premier Icon dirtygirlonabike
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    Sore but not as bad as yesterday. Mine hurt to touch yesterday after 2 days of hard training. I actually could have cried on the last climb of the day yesterday as my legs were so shot from riding in the big ring all the way, and being dragged along the flats at 40-50kph. Compression tights and choc milk helped.

    Premier Icon staralfur
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    No pain, just finished a full week off from training of any kind and I didn’t half need a proper recovery period. Now moving away from Crossfit training for the next 8 weeks or so to go into a strength training phase.

    Premier Icon tops5
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    My legs are killing me as a result of spending the weekend floor tiling 🙁

    Premier Icon peterfile
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    Absolute jelly today 🙂

    Curved Ridge on Saturday, got absolutely smashed in the Clachaig on Saturday night, woke up with a raging hangover on Sunday morning and then went up The Ben via the CMD arete in pretty quick time. Almost chucked up on the final push to the summit. Then went for a bit of a muck about in the Ice Factor on the way home.

    Apparently, “I’m hungover” is not a statement which excuses you from participation in mountain sports. 🙂

    Premier Icon matt_bl
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    Sore today, but they seemingly have that in common with every other muscle I own.

    I have had a high temperature and all over muscle aching since 1200 yesterday. No other symptoms and don’t really feel that bad, bizarre!

    iDave, I dream of a 1:41 HM 😀


    Premier Icon anonymouse
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    Surprisingly, given that yesterday was the last long run before marathon taper, mine are fine today. My smugness rating is high though.

    Premier Icon littlemisspanda
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    Sore, after riding the whole Dalby red route yesterday plus black north shore trail. Hamstrings and quads mainly.

    Only my second ride this year though so I did feel quite proud of myself just for getting round it, and staying in middle ring, no going down to granny!

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