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  • organic355

    Border Terrier – no, 2 cats
    iPad – yes, 2, apple laptop x2, Apple TV, iPhone 5, wife has 4s
    Audi – yes A4 avant sline 2.0 tdi Quattro
    Orange 5 – no turner flux & crosslight pro6
    Guardian – don’t read a paper, get my news online
    Niche Razor – no, beard trimmer
    Coffee Machine – yes gaggia classic
    Log pile – yes, 5 woodstores, been out all afternoon chainsawing and log
    Chainsaw – husqvarna x 2
    Wood Burning stove – yes, morso

    Being STW is the new black.

    Border Terrier – Westie

    iPad – Yep and a Mac

    Audi – No car

    Orange 5 – Nope, never. Specialized and Nukeproof

    Guardian – Newspapers are for wimps

    Niche Razor – No, beard.

    Coffee Machine – Yes and one of the those little espresso hob pot things.

    Chainsaw – 2 x Stihl, 1 x Husky

    Digital SLR with Array of Lenses including Macro – Yes

    Kayak or Canoe – Yes

    Fat Bike – No (bonus points for Single Speed)


    Could you qualify as an STWer without a bike but a makeshift woodpile.

    My brother’s temporary store until he builds a shed.

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    Border terrier? – No, black lab

    Woodpile.. yes, currently burning teak on woodburner and own a stihl chainsaw

    iPad… Nope.

    Orange Five im a hater (how could anyone put their leg over something that ugly). Ride a niche short travel FS with horzontal dropouts for easy SS conversion.

    Audi.. just got rid of an A4.. now got a VW T5 and a T4 camper

    Guardian – sometimes.

    Niche Razor – shave once a week

    Work in IT – Nope.. restore and sell antiques and sell other stuff online

    Coffee machine? Yes.

    Premier Icon sparkyspice

    Not sure how Singletrack I am, but as I sit here on my log pile cleaning my chainsaw (having just blown the sawdust off my Landrover and kayak with my air compressor), and wonder about whether I should try a posh razor or not, I can’t help thinking that I’m not that bothered.
    (Sent from my iPad)


    Well, I haven’t any of those, not even a wood burner, just one of them holes in the wall for burning stuff. Not sure the wood store could be called a pile, move too much timber to bother stacking, it just gets slung through the door of shed number 3.

    I shall have to resign.

    Work fire wood stacks are around the 300 ton mark at the moment along with 50 ton for chip and another 50 for saw logs.


    Gentlemen… This gets me stw kudos?

    b r

    Border Terrier – 2 spaniels, Working Cocker and Springer
    iPad – No
    Audi – No, Jaguar
    Orange 5 – No, 456Ti
    Guardian – No, Indy
    Niche Razor – Yep
    Coffee Machine – No, but but we’ve an AGA
    Work in IT – Yep
    Wood burning stove – Yes
    Log pile (self cut/chopped) – Yes and No

    Grown-up STW, as I’ve also a full-sized mancave


    I have a full music studio in the attic, does that make up for the lack of posh coffee facilities?

    Premier Icon seadog101

    rOcKeTdOg – Member
    Border Terrier – no

    iPad – no

    Audi – no

    Orange 5 – no

    Guardian – no

    Niche Razor – no

    Coffee Machine – no

    *shuffles off to another forum*

    Glad to see I’m not the only one. Although work is dishing out iPads next month as we’ve gone three years without mangling anyone. Not bad for a Rig.


    Border Terrier – no, rescue lurcher

    iPad – no, although the wife has one

    Audi – no, have a wee van paid for by my work, along with my own 15 yr old landy

    Orange 5 – no

    Guardian – no, Glasgow herald, the courier

    Niche Razor – yes, merkur

    Coffee Machine – no

    oh dear


    Landy here also but old girl just turned 20
    Good for picking up firewood , coffee, orange 5s and towing my soon to be sold audi!
    Just need a niche razor whatever that is…….


    Just need a niche razor whatever that is..

    obvious, its for shaving your, er, niche…


    Border Terrier – Black Lab
    iPad – Yep
    Audi – Ford
    Orange 5 – Marin, Cotic, On-one
    Guardian – Daily Mash
    Niche Razor – Gillette
    Coffee Machine – Stove-top espresso makers all the way
    Work in IT – International conservation organisation
    Wood burning stove – Yep
    Log pile – Yep


    This place is becoming a parody of itself. 🙄


    Three log stores emptied this season so far, been a record year for burning 😉

    Was busy yesterday, bringing this old boy to rest, now on is on its way home.

    blanked with everything else mind..

    Border Terrier – no

    iPad – no

    Audi – no

    Orange 5 – no

    Guardian – no

    Niche Razor – no

    Coffee Machine – no


    If tour really singetrack world your log pile is large and well built enough that it would be impressive to ride over, and the only reason you haven’t done it is because somebody has told you you have too much travel and the wrong tyres.

    Premier Icon surroundedbyhills

    Border Terrier – no – 1 x Kelpie (see above on woodpile gaurding bike)and 1 something else which as it grows we keep wondering – current estimate is lurcher + unknown

    iPad – no

    Audi – no – (but OH does have Skoda Yeti)

    Orange 5 – no but the guy I got my Giant Reign from bought one… and I have a spesh

    Guardian – no

    Niche Razor – no – got beard

    Coffee Machine – use bialetti

    Have not one but 2 woodburners…


    Not quite logs yet (and a few more loads to add)

    I do lack in the other areas (except ipads).

    surely all this is pointless and no indication of your Official STW Level if you dont have an abusive email from elfinsafety in your inbox?


    Just so I know what emergency service do “rescue lurchers” work with?

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Of all those things I only have a coffee machine and an Orange 5. Although I am currently drinking Monmouth Coffee. And I do have an abusive email from Elfinsafety too 🙂

    Premier Icon surroundedbyhills

    @ Molgrips – they grow coffee in Monmouth! Well that’s global warming for you!


    Border Terrier – no

    iPad – Nexus 10, much more niche

    Audi – no

    Orange 5 – no But I do have a Cotic

    Guardian – no

    Niche Razor – Yes and a beard at the moment. Bonus points?

    Coffee Machine – Yes

    I do have a chainsaw and have felled 6 trees in my (modest) garden but no wood burner or log pile unfortunately.

    As always with life that makes me distinctively average.

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