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  • How quick can a HGV stop?
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    …back to what we had before we “harmonized” with the EU, with lighter loads meaning decreased stopping distances and less damage to our roads.

    Also meaning more HGVs on the road and increased transport costs that would be passed on to the customer. Some European countries run at 60 tonnes rather than our 44 tonnes.

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    I thought drums was better than disc (on trucks) as you can have more surface area to dissipate the heat…


    Most trailers I have seen have drums on. Tractor units on the other hand disks front drums on the rear AFAIK.


    Must have been pretty scary in the cab, stopping that quickly.
    I was shunting an unloaded Volvo FH tractor unit earlier today.
    Step on the brakes and the whole cab rocks forward, it’s nothing but glass in front of you and it feels quite exposed..


    School Buses, in fact any bus and children – proceed with extreme caution. Even my sensible chum was killed at school. Driver was doing 35 in a 30 limit.

    Every surface street should be 20 mph.


    I served my apprenticeship at Volvo trucks, the engine brake alone could slow you down massively

    Drum brakes on trailers are better than discs due to corrosion etc


    Not so quick in Skipton this afernoon


    Driver only saved the day: Investigation

    Some bad info above also, air disc brakes are far superior to any drum combo in every way, but drums are still favoured still by some operators/fleets. They can also be favoured for heavy off road applications but not always.

    UK is mainly drums and trailers still having had bad experience with bad Meritor disc brakes back circa 2000. A bad product really hurt the technology. Compared to Europe who are 80%+ ADB.

Viewing 8 posts - 41 through 48 (of 48 total)

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