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  • How on Earth to cope for maybe six months??
  • crikey

    That’s just wrong. 😀

    Buy a gun and get into shooting That’s a recumbent sport?


    I’m disconcertingly quite good with a gun I discovered…



    Buy a gun and get into shooting recumbents.That’s a sport!


    I’m disconcertingly quite good with a gun I discovered…

    There you go, then; sorted! 😈


    I’m running more courses for aspiring Big Hitters soo, would you like to sign up?

    Premier Icon paladin

    I’ve been off the bike (and work) the last 2 months with a broken collar bone, first visit to physio today will keep me off the bike for at least another month.
    Had 10 days in spain , and just away to book another 10 days.
    Taught myself standard grade maths, physics and chemistry so I could help my lad revise for his exams.
    Changed the tyres on the bike in the hope that when I get back on it I won’t be needing mud tyres……
    Still going crackers tho…..

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    paulosoxo – have you considered stoking a tandem?


    Healing vibes Rachel 🙂

    Premier Icon footflaps

    20 odds year ago I tore the cartilage in my knee and was off running / cycling / swimming for about a year whilst it healed. Joined a gym and took up weight training (just on upper body). Really enjoyed it and have been using weights ever since. Just signed up for 1:1 coaching for Olympic Lifting as my current sporting challenge…

    Premier Icon paulosoxo

    paulosoxo – have you considered stoking a tandem?

    I can ride a road bike alright, I just don’t like being off road now as stood on the pedals, slow speed out if the saddle, I just feel ungainly.

    Edit: I’m still fat and slow.

    Premier Icon miketually

    It’ll only really be three months until you can ride, so some walking and photography should nicely fill the time, then some gentle road riding for a couple of months?

    In six months you’ll be so glad to ride properly, you won’t mind that the weather’s shit 🙂


    Hope things get better soon.

    I managed to coincide a long injury layoff with a new baby, a year just flew by. Photography hobby or hanging out on here is probably a more sensible option though!

    Edit: during that layoff I did still manage to spend a small fortune on a new fancy road bike, a new 29er frame, new wheels… idle hands etc. 🙂


    paulosoxo – you can retrain balance just as easily as you can retrain other aspects of physical fitness. Might be worth seeing if your local nhs trust has any specialist vestibular physiotherapists.

    Allthegear – nowt wrong with recumbents. Bencooper off of here would be the man to ask about those.


    I’m now 3 weeks in to a layoff. Probably got another 4-5 to go.

    So far I’ve spent about 400 quid on new bikes and stuff, I’d hoped to be fitting it whole off work before I realised I’d need 2 hands to do that 🙁

    One week off work pseudo swinging the lead would me nice but at this rate it looks like I’ll be back at a keyboard before I can use a spanner.

    How long are you signed off for rach?

    Premier Icon aracer

    does any one on STW actually ride the bikes they own?

    Don’t be silly. Where would we find the time when there’s so much important arguing to be done?

    I’ve always been recumbent-curious

    <resists obvious comments> if that’s a possibility before riding something where you have to sit on a normal saddle, and it’s something you can afford, then go for it. As mentioned above, ben’s your man.

    Premier Icon mboy

    Hope you heal soon Rachel, whatever is keeping you off the bike.

    My GF is currently unable to ride her MTB as she has broken her collarbone. Usually only 6-8 weeks out, but cos she’s broken hers right near the end (literally 1/4 of an inch from the socket), it hasn’t started to heal properly, and her 6 week X Ray this week wasn’t so great news! She’s a bit upset which is to be expected, but is managing to get down the gym a few nights week to spin classes at least.

    Poor girl only started riding on 1st Jan this year too! She’s had almost as long off the bike as on it so far!


    I was off the bike for 20 months after a few issues with my lower back and discs being removed etc. I masterbated a lot as couldn’t do much else, then I started walking everyday, building up back to riding.

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