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  • How old is/are your frame/s ?
  • dantsw13

    LTHT C456 – 1 year
    FS Titus FTMc 3 months
    Road Planet X RT-57 Under the Xmas tree!!!


    Cotic BFe 2012
    On One 456 (wife’s) 2010
    Specialized Enduro 2006
    S&M BMX 90s ish I think
    Raleigh road bike c1986

    Hoping to change the frame on the FS this year.


    Tandem: 1975
    Missus: 1978
    Prophet: 2006
    Road bike: 2009
    456: 2010

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Hobby Horse 1819
    Penny farthing 1872
    Raleigh Sports 1946
    Does anyone read the replies to these threads?

    Yup, for posts like that. Pics? Pretty please?


    Raleigh MAX (1995) fully rigid steel, made in England – my way to and from work. This bike was completely re-vamped for commuting after a car ran over me/it in 2006. Drivers insurance paid so I went to town, wheels, drive-train, panniers etc.

    Orange 5(2005) new F&R suspension and wheels in 2012 (tax rebate windfall).

    Trek SLR(2006) but I’ve only had it since 2008, Road bike used alot initially but barely used these days so relatively glad I didn’t buy brand new.

    Avanti Kiss(2010) Singlespeed, Steel, 29er – sucked in by the hype, originally rigid but now with 100mm of squidge. This has been my go to bike for 2 years now despite being fortunate enough to get all the new bits for the five.


    Crack ‘n Fail hardtail – 2004
    Snappierre Zesty – 2008
    Must try harder!

    Orange 224 2007
    Trek Madone 2009
    Santa Cruz Blur LTc 2010

    There was a time where all of my frames would always be current model year, but i grew out of that thank god!


    on-one inbred – 2012


    Cotic Solaris 12
    Cotic X 11
    Tarmac SL4 12

    Following lots of culling and swapping this year. Only one frame was new. New Year’s resolution: no frame swapping in 2013!

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Schwinn Homegrown (currently unbuilt) 1998
    Spec Enduro 2004
    Cheap Bianchi road bike 2008
    456 – 2009
    Pub bike/hybrid c. 1993


    Saracen Enzme 2003
    Kinesis Maxlight XC 2005
    Orange 5 2011

    The Saracens still used on a dail basis although not off road an more.

    Apologies for the spelling, I hoovered m keboard esterda and sucked up one of the letters, I suppose I’ll have to have a root through the the hoover bag later toda on.

    Merr Christmas

    actual bikes
    Trance x 4
    Sov 1
    Tap 1.5

    Bare frames
    Boardman 3
    Tyax 5

    Premier Icon Andy

    Road section
    Claud butler 1949
    Holdsworth 1980
    Chas Roberts 1986
    Giant Defy 2010
    Surly Steamroller 2009

    Off road section
    Ti29er 2008
    Pegasus 2011
    Turner Sultan 2011
    Giant ANthem 2012
    Scandal 2012


    8 months Cannondale Trail sl4
    16 years Cannondale Beast of the East
    guess which is lighter and sexier?

    eyerideit – Member

    Kona Kapu (road) – 1998 (but it’s 853 so it can’t possibly date)
    Klein Attitude Race – 2001
    Ibis Mojo – 2008
    Pace 305 – 2009
    Sanderson Soloist – 2010

    EDIT forgot the Kona Explosif – 1994

    nobody puts baby in the corner!
    give me that explosif – look into my eyes

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    Zaskar about 1990 – due to become commuter soonish
    STiffee about 2004 – barely ridden these days
    Bullit 2003 – not ridden but still built as “spare” for occasional alps trips
    Trance 2007ish – replaced by:
    TranceX (frame) 2011

    P-X road frame 2012
    Airborne cx 2006
    Jack Taylor road frame late 70s, rebuilt mid 80s after a crash


    Road bike – bob Jackson messina 1973
    Mountain bike – Marin attack trail 2007

    Do I win some of prize? Also have a 50s bsa bit don’t really ride it so doesn’t count no?

    Wow, I thought mine were old judging from just about everyone I see on the trail, road, cafes, and races.

    Specialized Stumpjumper FSR – 2004
    Specialized P3 – 2004
    Cannondale R1000 – 2004

    I haven’t bought a new frame since I immigrated to Australia. Previously MTB was a succession of Marin steel rigids/hardtails, a Marin single pivot, 3 Specialized hardtails, and road was a Raleigh, 2 Cannondales, and a Kinesis Crosslight.

    The Pilot

    Cannondale Jekyll 2004
    cotic soul 2007
    Scott cx 2010
    All totally different bikes to ride, all much loved 🙂

    Premier Icon Andy R

    Kona Explosif – 1988
    Kona Kilauea – 1995
    Trek Top Fuel 69er – 2008
    Singular Hummingbird (2 off)- 2009


    commencal flame xxx ti 2010
    forme hiver 2012
    scott addict 2011 (new 2012)

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