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  • How often do you work on your bike skills?
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    I’m wishing I was 30 years younger…

    Premier Icon teamhurtmore

    I was “practicing” manuals riding down the (v quiet) road last night and today. Given how bad I still am, it was fortunate that no one saw!!

    I practice a lot more these days simply because I used to crash a lot!

    Never, i just ride around places on my bike.

    sounds like fun!
    I never practise skills wouldnt know what to practise doing anyway. I am good at deciding what to walk down though!


    Any excuse for a replay of this 🙂

    I just spent a fruitful hour messing about in the local wood and town centre on my Sov with the saddle down. Just rolling tight steep rocky switch backs and drops and then popping kerbs and roots etc. Then sprinted back up home in the 32/11. An excellent waste of time.

    As a very uncompetetive person I simply can’t be arsed, & am reasonably happy as I am & feel pretty comfortable MOST of the time.

    *wishes he was 20 years younger

    😆 +1

    An excellent waste of time.

    The best sort. 😉

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    Bushwacked – Member
    I’m wishing I was 30 years younger…

    This ^^^, then I’d seriously work on skills that, in spite of being an ex trials and enduro rider, I don’t seem to have aquired 🙁
    Mind you, forty odd years ago when I started trials riding the perceived “wisdom” from Sammy Miller was “don’t use the clutch in a section”.(it’s in my autographed copy of “Clean to the finish” FFS….)
    How many people were handicapped by this “good advice” until they learnt to disregard this crap?

    Now I’m probably too old to learn any thing really new (still can’t manual).


    On any ride that isn’t on my road bike pretty much. I normally get the bmx out once a week and practice manuals, 180s, fakies etc.

    Premier Icon ddmonkey

    Every ride – especially since I did a skills course with Fabien Barel. Now I cannot ride any trail without hearing him shouting “Teeem! Your butt! Stick out your butt!!!”

    Another gem was his comment to the group “Guys, don’t be so f@cking lazy!” after our pathetic attempt to ride down a muddy techy trail and remember to do everything he had told us 10 mins before and change a lifetime of bad habits…

    Legend – now I’m never not working on my skills, I’ve got FB on my shoulder.

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