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  • How often do you get out……?
  • Everyday. Anywhere between 15 and 60 miles.


    Commuting, variety.
    Road riding helps because you don’t need to clean the bike after every ride.
    Motivation can come from targets. Lose weight, do so many miles, strava KOM, crack nuts with your buttocks.

    Commuting motivation is easy, just watch your wallet getting fatter as your stomach gets smaller.

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    Not as often as I’d like to (my own fault mostly) and probably shorter than I’d like on some occasions and longer than I enjoy on others

    I do enjoy it though…just had three days riding in Wales and remembered why I love it so much

    EDIT: I do try and commute every day though


    Oh, and pretty much every day. 30 to 100 miles a day in summer. Saturdays are my rest day but I still Poole about the place on a bike like going down the shops or just having a bit of jumpity fun.

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    Road riding helps because you don’t need to clean the bike after every ride.

    Sorry, what is this cleaning of which you speak?

    Funnily enough, was looking at my mileage on Ascent over the last few years. 2011-12 pretty consistent; this year woeful largely due to arrival of #2 child. Managed an 8.5 mile loop this morning, which will be the sum total of my riding for three weeks.

    When the wife goes back to work in the spring, I should get more done. Also better equipped for winter riding this year (ie. have some decent lights).


    4-5 times a week averaged over this year at 25 miles a ride.

    Twice a week about 12 miles each time but try to get a “good” ride in once per month. I’m Mr Joe Average sales rep.


    50 miles off road since Sunday. It’s been a good week


    Not enough.


    Every day between 30 and 80 miles.Average 240-280 a week.

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    3100km this year, usually 20-25km a ride, about an hour, so often.

    Commuting each way is about 5 to 6 hours a week, club run at the weekend is another 3.5-4 hours.

    1500miles so far this year, sounds crap but I’ve had a month off with a buggered knee and a broken arm to contend with!


    Every day on the road bike about 10 miles, or longer if I dont have work/if I can be bothered. Mtb I probably ride once a week if I’m lucky.

    For a ride and how far? I’m currently only doing 12 miles every three days and maybe full Gisburn loop three times a month. Also for shift workers I work 0700 – 1500 or 1330 – 2130 5 days a week how do you motivate yourself to get out?

    5-6 times a week. I try to mix it up with a long day on the road bike, a day on the SS, a day on the CX bike and a day on my MTB race bike. Doing one type of riding all the time would bore me.

    Oh and about 250-300kms a week

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    Not enough with juggling work and kids. However when I do get out I really enjoy myself. Generally this is at night which means that you can ride like a tw@
    The commute to work 5 miles is OK for keeping me is some sort of shape but its flat and boring.
    Weekend/daylight riding is a luxury I miss, only compensated by the joy my children give me.

    However, living near the Lake District means when I do get out it is about as good as you can get! πŸ™‚


    Commuting motivation is easy, just watch your wallet getting fatter as your stomach gets smaller.

    I find the opposite true, if I cycle to work it costs me more in food than I would spend on fuel πŸ™

    According to strΓ€va i am averaging 4 rides and 67 miles a week, i have done 1971 miles this year so far, it’s best not to worry about it though, get out as often as is practical, think smiles not miles, have fun.


    I find the opposite true, if I cycle to work it costs me more in food than I would spend on fuel

    I just eat the same. You need to make yourself more efficient or try different fuel. Beer is good. πŸ˜‰


    During the summer, most days. Roughly 100 miles per week 75% off road.
    A 30/40 mile ride at the weekend, 12 mile round commute 2 or 3 days a week, evening rides on the mtb twice a week – usually 20 miles and 10 miles.
    I find very little enjoyment in riding in deep mud or in the dark so barely touch the bike from October to March. On the lookout for a CX bike to see if that will change things.


    I try for 2 MTB rides per week, one evening ride with friends and either a lunchtime blast when I WFH or a second evening ride on my own. Maybe sneak out on the weekend for a few hours if family/DIY/work/time allows.

    As with everybody else, I would like to ride more but luckily I can ride some decent trails straight from my door so I don’t have to waste much time getting somewhere, unpacking car etc.


    Lots of lucky people. One evening a week for me, light or dark, rain or shine. Managed about 3 day rides last year. No wonder all you lot have the fitness and skillz us middle-aged IT guys can only dream of.


    Next to naff all this year.. Once or twice a fortnight for around 20 off road miles..
    Plus around 15 miles with the kids and trailer per week and maybe another 15 to 20 miles per week pootling around town..

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    Midweek evening ride for about 2-3 hours and usually a longer Sunday ride (4-5 hours) – both MTB.

    Hoping to get a CX/touring bike in the new year to get a few more miles in.


    6-7 days a week. I do about 150-200 miles a week – though this week I’ll be a long way short.

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    Every mile is a blessing and to be cherished, especially as the nights draw in. Well be taking lights to hamsterley next Tuesday after work. Just in case, like.

    Every mile is a blessing and to be cherished, especially as the nights draw in. Well be taking lights to hamsterley next Tuesday after work. Just in case, like.

    +1, I actualy look foreward to the dark cold wet nights, rain making it looklike star wars hyperspace in your light, hail stinging on your face, trails alternating between deep mud and slippy mud, it somehow feels like coming home, having to use a bike rack rather than pack them in the car, back to how mountainbiking should be!

    Premier Icon tootallpaul

    Every day- 10k commute.

    535.13 km in the last month.

    Not a massive number…

    Premier Icon mcnultycop

    Twice a week on average, usually once local and one trip out.

    Three nights a week in the gym as well (or early mornings, if work dictates).

    Premier Icon kimbers

    every week day 20k commute

    every other weekend average probably 60k off road


    minimum of 6 20 miles rides a week communing, that’s doing 3 days a week. Do it every day every so often so a max of 12 with a couple of rides at the weekend – that is the exception though and is a tough week.


    Commute 5 days a week – about 19 miles there and back.
    Out of an evening 2 or 3 times a week.
    Saturday try to get a shorter ride in.
    Sunday a longer ride 3-5 hours.
    Average for the year 150 mpw
    Total for the year 3645 as of this morning.
    If I didn’t spend months on end in a futile attempt to get a ‘decent’ time in the 3 Peaks cx then I wouldn’t be anywhere near those sort of numbers!

    Just ramped up from 3 days a week (tues/thurs/long one on Sundays) to every day except Fridays.

    Certainly feeling it in the legs, but fitness has come on a treat within the past couple of weeks.

    Done 84 miles so far this week, all off road, and got a 40 miler on Sunday. Not the best, not the worst.


    Just a touch ahead of you on the annual mileage MrSparkle with my total of 3,787.43miles. That’s including this morning so 3807 by the time I get home πŸ™‚

    My total doesn’t average 150 miles a week though, so I’m not sure how yours does?


    Out only two or three times a week… which is why I have a bike permanently set up on the turbo πŸ™ Some leg spinning gets done pretty much every day.

    Premier Icon Yak

    I try for 2-3 times a week and somewhere between 15-30 miles off road per go. Sometimes I’ll swap a longer road ride for one of these. Some weeks it all goes tits up and naff-all happens.

    Premier Icon njee20

    Nowhere near enough at the moment with work being rather busy, fitness is (not so) gradually bleeding away, which is slightly depressing!

    3-4 times a week really, 6-9 hours total.


    ride 5-6 days a week, commute is 16-17 each way 4 days a week and then get out at weekend for a few miles. The last week for example. 3424miles mtb on sat 48miles mtb on Sunday, Monday off then 34miles per day tue/wed/thur/fri. Weekend is more often a road ride circa 50-80miles depending on mood.

    I occasionally throw in a week night mtb ride on top but that is only 15-20miles

    Average week is just shy of 200miles.

    Strava says 6000miles so far this year.


    Once maybe twice a week normally. I’ll try and get a couple more in if I can be bothered. Going to have to MTFU this winter, I’ve put a stone on in the last 18 months.

    I really struggle for motivation when the weather is bad and it’s dark though. It’s very rare that I ride during the day, always 6am or after 8pm due to family commitments.

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    At the moment, its a 1.5km each way commute every day.
    Wednesday nights out for 2-3 hours, so maybe 15-40km.
    And occasionally another evening/weekend day time depending on family etc.

    Can’t complain though. Training for the LEL earlier this year I was riding 4/5 times a week, including a 12-18 hour ride every weekend.

    Nearly 4000km on strava, and I’ve only been using it since May.

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