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  • How often do you check to see if your post is seized in the seat tube
  • orangepaul
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    So a couple of nights ago had a trip over the bars of my hard tail , unfortunately snapped my dropper post lever.
    No bother had a spare in the garage, went to change it and what nightmare,the post was a bast@&d to get out.
    If left a little longer it could of been a write off dropper/frame or both.

    So on someways I was glad to take that trip.

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    Same goes for cranks/bottom bracket, remember to slip them out, clean them off, grease them up and slip them back in every so often.

    Otherwise you might find yourself going at it with a fully stripped frame, a can of freeze it spray, and a big rubber mallet, banging away for hours.

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    Whenever it needs servicing / bleeding. So about 6 months ago I think ūüė¨

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    Hmmm, never but I grease everything a fair bit during assembly and haven’t had an issue yet. Maybe due to how little I clean my bike.

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    Coppaslip or similar on assembly. Never check and never a seized part ‚Äď yet

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    Annually works for me, but I’m generous with the anti-seize or CF paste as appropriate

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    This reminds me of my new custom titanium road frame and a slightly too big titanium seatpost which galled together.

    That was a laugh…

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    I make sure to crash regularly and knock the saddle squint

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    On the day when the STW printed members’ calendar says to do so.

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    A couple of times per ride since not having a working dropper.

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    Just once, in the case of my road bike. Enough to find it had irrevocable fused, luckily at the right height, so there it stays.

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    About five minutes ago, thanks for reminder.

    Five bike, all moving free.

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    My bent Reverb was removed for the first time since I bought it in October last year. Nice big patch of corrosion from the frame. Almost lucky I bent it ūü§£ūüėā

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    Removed my threaded BB and rather dry seat post from my commuter bike today. Gave the chain a clean, greased and refitted for another few years of neglect!

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    Not often enough on my old inbred and Thomson post!

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    Not often enough been riding around for 3 months with the seat post clamp undone on my stooge ūüėĘ

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    Can’t say I ever do, unless we take the bikes on a plane, in which case the seat tube has to come out to fit in the box. All my bikes are carbon frames and carbon seat tubes, so doubt they can seize properly.

    I did have to drill out a jockey wheel bolt the other week ‚Äď seized and hex head just stripped attempting to remove it. Might keep an eye on those in future. Amazingly SJS cycles had spare bolts in stock!

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)

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