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  • Premier Icon matthewjb

    A friend of mine wants a bike and he suggested buying one of mine.

    It’s an Orange Sub-Zero which hasn’t had much use.

    It’s a good spec with Deore/Race Face drivechain, Hayes disks and Manitou Sherman forks.

    It cost about £1300 a few years ago. I’ve looked on Ebay but Sub-Zeros rarely come up.

    I want to be fair and not rip him off, so any ideas what it’s worth?

    Thanks in advance.

    Premier Icon mboy

    If you’ve got a pic of the bike, that would help greatly.

    I figure if you split it, the frame would be worth perhaps £120 to £150, the forks £80 to £100, the drivetrain not very much sadly. So probably nothing like the £1300 it cost.

    A picture would definitely help out a great deal though.


    To be honest it really depends on how well it’s been looked after / wear and tear.

    From what you’ve said sounds like it’s got little wear so I usually go by if it’s good condition 2nd hand then a little less than half the new price, if it’s very well looked after then half new price and if it’s totally mint shiny new condition then enough less than he could purchase equal quality kit to make it worth not having new.

    Hope that makes sense – also there’s all the factors of your situation and his as far as money goes – at the end of the day between friends it’s a price that both of you are happy with.

    I did a little google search and found a more used sounding one going on Bikemagic for £750 ono

    All the best 🙂

    around £500 i reckon

    Premier Icon matthewjb

    It looks like this:


    Thanks for the info. To be honest £500 sounds a good price.


    You’re welcome. £500 looks about right – I’d certainly be happy at that if I was your mate and if you’re happy with that too ..sorted!

    All the best and happy riding! 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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