How much would 2005 SX trail in medium be worth?

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  • How much would 2005 SX trail in medium be worth?
  • b r

    £150-200 – based on what I got for my 06 Enduro a few years.


    I sold my ’06 SX Trail frame last year on fleabay for £280.

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    I sold mine (2006) for £200 a couple of year back,then had to repay the buyer £100 cos there was a crack in the chain stay.
    They’re a bit of a pig to lug around as a bike though for general riding, wouldn’t want one as my only bike. Dreadful climber in my opinion, but then again, that’s not really what they’re for.

    So £200 is fair?

    2005 Specialised sx tail frame, medium in size. Frame is in fair condition having shoe rub to right seat stay and chain slap on chainstay, the seatstay bridge has marks from the shock guard being fitted, these are not visible when the supplied guard is fitted. The chainstays were replaced with brand new ones from specialized early this year at a cost of £100, at the same time I fitted new bearings to the frame, these now could do with being replaced as are a little rough, they work and when built the frame has no play however the do creek when weight applied to bike, new set of bearings cost around £30. the shock currently has a 450 spring fitted.

    Thinking of buying it – whats a fair price?

    Jeez rob – you think your Pitch is heavy?

    My ’06 Enduro was a pig to pedal upwards and they somehow managed to make the SX even heavier. It will wallow like a pig in shit too, so make sure you get a decent platform shock.

    It’ll be awesome downhill, but I’d only want one built up burly for throwing down gnarly hills with maybe a bit of woodsy pedalling inbetween – certainly no Peak epics


    I sold my 06 Enduro with a damaged shock for £200 a couple of months back. It rode well with a monarch plus shock but was heavy and climbed poorly. My 11 Enduro Evo is a better bike in every respect even tho the shock is harder to set up.

    Having owned a Pitch I would say it is a better all round bike than the 05 SX and a lot lighter too. And that’s before we go into the frankly stupid shock mounting on the SX/Enduros of that era making it very difficult to change the shock for something more suitable.

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