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  • how much to drive to spain?
  • retro83

    i couldn’t face totaling it up when I did it, but one thing I would say is don’t forget to budget for any toll roads you want to take…

    great fun tho! 😀

    I hate flying so ignore the cost and Poland is just a drive away. £280 all inc. for a 2100 miles return trip. Yours will be more, but can you put a price on comfort? And get the bleeding LPG pronto, Mr Hairychested Senior has beed driving an LPG car for donkey’s years for peanuts. It’s cheap and reliable.

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    From London its about 1400 miles each way. 20 mpg = 70 gallons
    Petrol at around £4 per gallon = £280 each way
    + insurance + tolls + wear and tear

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    How much is the ferry from pourtsmouth (or plymouth or somewhere like that) to Bilbao (or wherever it is in spain) as it would save A LOT of driving.

    Try norfolk line for cheap dover/calais (nearly) crossings though. The RAC site has european route info so you could get mileage from this to figure out a cost. Fuel is about the same price uk/europe now (if not slightly cheaper here) due to the exchange rates so don’t bank on a saving there.


    Way dearer to drive but thats not the point is it? 😀
    Dont forget to figure in the cost of the toll roads in France, they can tot up a tidy euro!

    My Dad tows a caravan from Calais to Spain, I will ask him how much it all costs if you like?


    A ferry to Spain and back would be about £8 – 900 with a cabin I reckon, more fun to drive!


    Ive done the exact thing, drove from Edinbrugh to Dover, Ferry to Dunkerk then drove from there into some place just over the boarder in Spain.

    A couple of things – it took fooking ages. It was incredibly hot in the car (height of summer)and my god the toll roads were expensive through France. They are quick but your looking at alot of money if you plan to use them the whole way, each time i came up to one it was wanting 10-15 Euros off me. When i came back the other way i took the “local” roads and the trip took me 4 days was alot more scenic and didnt pay for tolls.

    Im doing it again this summer though – this time i’ll be driving down from Germany but then again it’ll be in a tuned M3 this time :mrgreen:

    Have searched on the t4 forum and yes it seems with the tolls + fuel it’s going to cost loads more but then it’s not the point of a road trip in a camper. You start the holiday from the front door

    I’m off to Mijas in southern spain in september and looking into costs of flights vs. driving my t4 over + ferry

    Seems to be differing costs of ferry (dover calais) ranging from £200 (p & O) return to £88 (sea france) (this is 2 adults and a child)

    and flights are looking around £400 for the 3 of us.

    Th big question is how much would it cost me in fuel to drive from the UK to southern spain? (this is in a 2.0 petrol t4.. yes i know, ouch being a petrol t4 but was cheaper to buy than a diesel and i’ll be looking into lpg soon)

    Also bearing in mind I haven’t actually got hold of the van yet as it’s being converted but know roughly mpg is mid 20’s?!

    Anyone done this? I love the idea of having a bit of road trip and taking my bike over (just found out sierra cycling are close by too 😀


    I drove from Bradford to Perigueux in a Renault 19 1.4 back in 95. Took about 2 tanksful, plus Le Shuttle to get there.

    Perigeux is probably less than half way to the south of Spain.

    It took me 2 days each way on local roads rather than autoroutes, so I think I only paid one toll, about 6 francs at the time (85p?). Stayed over in Dreux on the way there & Chartres on the way back. Nice cathedral in Chartres


    Are you familiar with brick-yard I used to have a Type 25 and used the forum there regularly but since coming to uni and selling the van I no longer use it.

    Anyway my main point was there was someone on there doing lpg conversions nice and cheap, i think about £600-£900 for a van conversion.

    If you click on the brick-yard logo at the top it goes back to the main page and link to simon baxter, who’s can be bloody helpful at times.

    Hope this helps, even though its not specifically related to your thread.

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